Violent body shaking when lucid

Hey guys,

The other day, well a little over a week ago, I was over at my girlfriends house and early in the morning I woke up tossed and turned a little, which woke her up, and then fell back asleep directly into a lucid dream. I have only had a few lucid dreams but she said she was awake as I fell asleep and that when I did I started shaking. And now the same thing just happened to me again, woke up on my own and fell into an ld but woke up pretty quick and as I was waking up I vaguely remember feeling like my body was shaking. Is this common I’m curious what do you guys think

I don’t think it’s common at all. Are you sure you had actual dreams there?
“During actual dreams” our body should go into sleep paralysis, so you shouldn’t shake.

Are you talking about a WILD transition to a dream instead? This could happen in this case but still not common.

No I guess your right I don’t know when it happened the first time because I wasn’t aware of it but the second time happened as I was waking up, maybe the first was part of the transition stage of WILD because it did seem like the dream was forming around me and maybe the second time as I was waking up it was just in my head from what she said

I would just like to point that if you actually have these movements while you should be under sleep paralysis, then you “might” have a Parasomnia, be warned.