Vision Blackout

Hello people,

Lately I’ve been having visionary problems in LDs, the most prominent of them being my vision going all black. There are other stuff too, like blurriness, but I can handle them just fine. Here are a few examples of my blackouts:

Vision has always been a problem with my LDs probably because my eyesight is not good IRL, but it would almost always be details not being seen or stuff like that. Black vision is much worse and I can’t get rid of it.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated :smile:

Oooh, I’ve been there before with the blackness and blurriness. Sucks in LD’s. If its blurry, I put on some glasses. That almost always works. When the blackness appears, I take my “face” off. Its hard to explain, but it works. Or you can just tell the darkness to go away. This only worked with me once. Good luck

I’ll try taking my face off when I have the blackness in my next LD. It does sound a bit creepy, but I think I get the point. Thanks! :smile:

A blackout means you’re on the verge of waking up.

To keep this from happening, relax and stare at any object on your dream.

The problem with staring at an object is that I see nothing anymore. So until now, I’ve tried recreating the dream world and trying to get a hold onto that.

I’ll keep it in mind for other occasions though, thanks a bunch! :smile: