Vision Problems

Many times when lucid, and I start to wake up, the first thing that goes is my vision. Always, I mean ALWAYS, my eyes crust over. I’ve looked at my eyes in the mirror when dreaming, (lucid and non-lucid) and can see (barely) them as tiny slits, blocked by some crusty substance. I know that sounds a little nasty. I tried washing it out with water from the sink, I’ve tried pulling them apart, I’ve even tried willing them to open but most often I wake up after this symptom. It’s my opinion that everyone’s wake up method (being not their fault) is different and that we have to find our own individual ways to cope with them. We may share similar experiences, however, I just doubt anyone has had one as wierd as this… Have you?

Whenever I realize that I am dreaming I have trouble seeing in a dream. My eyes sort of close and I can’t open them up and see clearly. This is sort of what is happening to you. I think it is a mental block of some sort. Maybe I am scared that if I open my dream eyes my real eyes will open as well. I have been trying to break through this block but it is tough.

Hey Killaklown,

When I realise that I´m dreaming, a fresh breeze starts to blow.
But I also feel myself lying down in bed and if I don´t ignore that, I´ll wake up directly.


Rub your hands while your eyes are “crusted over”. Then divide your concentration between willing your eyes open and rubbing your hands (don’t lose concentration on the rubbing hands) maybe that will buy you more time to solve the problem. When I realize I am dreaming I usually get paralyzed, but it’s just a matter of realizing that it’s only a mental block you can kick aside. I float straight through the paralysis and I am able to move again. Once I was blind in a dream, but I noticed dark outlines of furniture, so I concentrated on that and it got clearer until it was my real vision. You can “see through” your eyelids or you can try to open them.

Thanks for the advice. Actually I had the same thing happen last night but I managed to will it away for the first time. I had to concentrate really hard though. Hand rubbing has never seemed to work for me. Neither does the spinning. Most of the time I try to say ‘increase lucidity’ or something but it usually is hard to speak as well. Touching things sometimes work although I can’t understand why it will and hand rubbing won’t because the sense of touch is supposedly being activated. I know that the key is filling your dream senses so that your real senses will be blocked temporarily. Easier said than done. All it takes is practice. I’ve been interested in LD’s for over a year and a half now and have been lucid around 40 to 50 times. Only about 8 or 9 were fully clear and I was in complete control. But I still have a lifetime to get better as do we all. Good luck everyone!!