Visions in waking life!

One of my dearest friends (a female one) has…visions.
Some scenes just run through her thoughts and later it happens.
It’s rare.

Her friend was supposed to meet a guy…and when he came, she was kinda freaked out. The guy exactly the same outfit and everything was the same.

This is really interesting…but one thing keeps me worried and scared.
She had a new vision.

This time it was…her having tetanus! :help:
I’m scared.

But no doubt all this is very strange.
Anybody want to discuss this.
I know this is the best forum for it.

I do not know much when it comes to this. Honestly I do believe that some people could be endowed with the lords power (if thats something you believe in) and some things could just be pure bologna. I mean everyone has a chance to get tetanus, but it matters not that she will, but how? But personally I do not believe in “visions”, but that is me… I think things do happen for a reason, but there could be some kind of scientific reason for it. I am a very religious and spiritual person, but I do believe in reason.

it might its called precognition
seeing things happen b4 its time

u can link it to clairvoyance or remote viewing but u actually see into the future
some call it dejavu

I only have visions when Im dreaming, and they are extremely rare :tongue:

You mean “premonitions”


supernormal knowledge of future events, with emphasis not upon mentally causing events to occur but upon predicting those the occurrence of which the subject claims has already been determined. Like telepathy and clairvoyance, precognition is said to operate without recourse to the normal senses and thus to be a form of extrasensory perception (ESP).

pre·cog·ni·tion (prē’kŏg-nĭsh’ən)
n. Knowledge of something in advance of its occurrence, especially by extrasensory perception; clairvoyance

no precognition LOL <<<<< :razz:

…i knew i was right …
ur defenition

pre⋅mo⋅ni⋅tion /ˌpriməˈn&#618 ;ʃən, ˌprɛmə-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pree-muh-nish-uhn, prem-uh-]

–noun 1. a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event; presentiment: He had a vague premonition of danger.

(not that accurate)

Well…umm…My opinion…
Precognition could happen when we chose to do something which would trigger the future to happen in that way. Kinda like Karma and stuffs like that… It’s what I think anyway. I’m buddhist so I believe it that way :content:

Thats funny, my friend in Arizona just got tetanus! :content:

Everyone has the ability of precognition, but the future is up to us. When we see these things, it is merely how things will happen if we continue on as we are, not paying attention. If we bring our attention to the events, we can easily change them.

tetanus is a serious disease
muscle crampps

all over lockd jaws.
u can die from

1-2 months intensive care in hospital…

Not if you treat it before it gets serious! Thats why it is deadly important to go to the doctor any time you get a nasty cut from any rusty metal.

oh i know but u wrote a : )
i dont think that would fit in a : )

i saw it rather disturbing

Yeah, that’s what I thought when I read it.
It’s not something to be joking about.

I don’t know much about tetanus, but I read on wikipedia that it’s mortality rate is 50%.
That’s big.

Also, thanks for the precognition.I will read more about it.

"Mortality rates reported vary from 40% to 78%. In recent years, approximately 11% of reported tetanus cases have been fatal. "

It can be higher or lower than 50%.
I’m assuming these were cases in which the person did not seek medical help right after the injury that transfered the disease.

As for the smile, It was because of the coincidence. My friend is fine.

Yes, but the thing is she won’t seek medical help for her own reasons.
I know these, they are…well, not to be proud of…

And what she’s been doing…well, she could have very easily gotten tetanus.

well i just wanted to clear that up


I hate to use something from the movie Twilight (I just saw it the other day), but the future is never truly defined - so even if your friend’s visions are true, she can always take extra care and avoid getting the disease :smile:

^ that right there my friend would become

Final Destination
The Movie LOL

I actually thought of Frank Herbert’s Dune (the books, not the movie with this title), but a reference to Twilight was more acessible :cool:

Final Destination is a good one too!

I see two explanations for the ‘visions’:

  1. Your friend is making them up.
  2. She’s not strictly lying, but simply taking daydreams too seriously.

The thing with the guy she had seen before is an error in memory, her brain was putting an experience in the wrong place and so she thinks it happened in the past instead of the present. Happens all the time.

So don’t be scared, your friend not any more likely to get tetanus than anybody else. :smile:

I think twilight ruined the image of vampires for ever.

Anyways, I think they’re called daydreams.