Visual & Physical paralysis in LD

OK, what the hell was that! I LD a lot - and have for years, but I was completely unprepared for what happened last night.
Background: in some old house - flew easily through wall & was flying around outside.

I kept on saying “steady…steady…” because I was swaying a bit in flight. The image in front of me was of several trees in darkness. Suddenly half of my vision was split with the previous background faintly behind it. The new image was the top portion of my original view cut in half and rotated on its left side. - What the hell?

I figured there must be a reason so I decided to use the new image as my guide & turned left into it. I guessed wrong found myself heading for the ground. At some point I became totally physically paralyzed. I have NEVER not been able to move in LD. What worse, I couldn’t work my head or eyes so my visual remained the bizarre split/rotated image of before, except that the image had changed to suit my new position.

Eventually I landed on my side & still couldn’t move. I also couldn’t wake-up despite my efforts for what seemed like around 1/2 of a minute. This lead to several false awakenings & a very frustrated Meow.

Has anyone else experienced anything remotely like this? Thx :flower:

It is possible to feel SP while dreaming because you actually try to move your real body instead of the dream body. I’ve encountered SP in a number of dreams and two LDs, but I wasn’t a frustrated Pilot. :grin: