hey, anyone know of a free online course for visualization or free information on how to do it easier? I want to be able to visualize like there is a theatre screen infront of my closed eyes and be able to attain it easily so that i can use it for lucid dreaming. please help. thnx

I think you don’t even need a course for visialusation. You must try to start with mediating. Get your mind clear. Then you will be able to see images you think of.


Do you have trouble (in general) picturing things in your mind?
Like, if someone reads a story, can you picture it?


yeah i can picture stuff in my mind. I just want to learn how to be in the image if you know what i mean. I want to be able to feel like im in the image moving around(is this even possible. If it isnt i feel stupid :confused:) I guess the main thing I want is more focus, control and to be able to absorb myself within the visualization as if to forget about my body and surroundings, sort of like a dream. If i could achieve this somehow then i believe it would be the ultimate lucid dream inducer. I would just lay down start visualizing about people doing reality checks and me doing them, like pedros technique, and then get lost within the visualization and find myself in a dream doing that reality check therefore leading to lucidity. Well i hope any of that made sense because i was just writing as stuff came to mind… All help appreciated. :cool:

Sure, you can get better at it.
Meditating definitely helps you focus, as Thor said. Try that.
Try to imagine being places you know really well, that might help.

I’m not recommending this as a technique, but last night I worked for 16 hours. Around 11 o’clock (1 hour before I got off) Whenever I would sit for a moment objects would morph into other objects and I would begin to see/visualize random things about the new object. It was very much like an unpleasent mushroom trip. Now, if you could drop into that state meditativly without being exhausted, it would be very effective for visualization. I’d compare it to a midlevel meditatvie state, somewhere between alpha and theta.