Vitamin B Questions

Hello all. I was thinking about picking up some vitamin B, but I’m kind of confused by what I’ve read here. Should I take just B6, B6 and B12, or a vitamin B complex? Also, what dosages are appropriate? Thanks.

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I would suggest taking a Vitamin B complex. A complex contains trace minerals that help your body break down and absorb more of it.
IF you wan’t to take a B-6 with a B-12, then I suggest taking 75-100mg of the B-6 and 250-500mcg of the B-12. I took this amount for years. I now Take a 2 a day multi-vitamin. If your interested in the one I use you can read THIS for more information on it.

The multivitamin contains the following B vitamins. Which you can use as a guide when you go out to get your own if you would like

B-1 75mg (5000% daily value)
B-2 50mg (2941% daily value)
B-3 50mg (250% daily value)
B-6 75mg (3750% daily value)
B-12 300mcg (5000% daily value)

To give you an example of how safe B vitamins are when it comes to dosage, keep in mind I take all this everyday and I’m a small person. 5ft 5in and 115 lbs. I like being short. :content: I hope I’ve helped answer your questions to you satisfaction.

I used to take one B6 pill every day. I noticed a change in the visuals of my dreams almost immediately. The things I saw went for plane old things you’d see in real life to patterns or energy, translucent objects, things that glowed, odd light patters, very out of the ordinary stuff…good for tipping you off to the fact that you’re dreaming :smile:

I read about B vitamins and dreaming about 5 years ago when i joined this. I decided to try it out, and took a double dose of B complex mixture. I didn’t read the label…it used caffeine as flavouring, and i got a night of staring at the ceiling. I recommend you to read the label closely to avoid surprises. :tongue:

In that case I think I’ll pick up some vitamin B complex in a couple days. One last question, at what time of day should I take it so that it will have the greatest effects on my dreams?

I’ve had decent results taking B vitamins shortly before bed. They need some time to work through the system anyway, and you have more lucid dreams toward morning. But experiment and find out what’s best for you.

vit b? makes sense i spose, nice. thinking i might try it, i have some bit b tablets arund here anywayz, and apprently it reduces cold symptoms and havfeaver as well. not that i get havfever, and i bearly get colds but still :razz:

I used to take them a few minutes before bed, and that always seemed to work well.

Maybe if you take it every day, the b vitamin level is constantly higher, and affects dreams in that way?

I agree with the advice to take a B-complex rather than one specific B vitamin. They reinforce eachother, and many B vits have useful effects besides the improved dream recall. Don’t overdose, here is a list with suggested maximum daily doses for each vitamin.

I was thinking about this… I don’t like stuffing myself with pills, what food contains the most B vitamins of all?

I dont know exactly but at a guess, banana’s but the only thing is I think there is another chemical in bananas which keep you awake ( this is only guesswork) could someone confirm or recorrect me

I believe rice, pears and cheeses also have a lot of B6 in them.