Vivid dreams make me wake up

Okay, i admit i didn’t do a search for this, mainly because i wasn’t too sure what key word to search for, but this is a strange phenomenon that i’ve had since forever.

Basically (and this only occurs 25%) of the time i dream, i will be in a situation where my surroundings are either very sunny and colorful. it could be all nice and really sunny, but (This is where it gets tricky) if i was to step into a sunny area, it would cause me to really lose the dream and potentially wake me up. For example, i could be at school, under cover of a walk ramp thingy, and look out into an uncoverd area which was really sunny, but stepping into that area would almost certainly cause me to wake up :confused: , so i would have to shy for a darker, more drizzly area, or will it to become dark and drizzly. Then other times walking in a sunny area would be no problem.

its almost as though, it would become too vivid for my brain and cause me to wake up. i dunno, i hope that made sense, and someone has answers :content: thanx 4 reading

Hmm. I don’t know If it’ll work, but have you tried gradually exposing your body to the light? Like… stand in the shadows and put your hand out. Feel it and such. If it works one time then it can work again. maybe even get you rid of the porblem.

Are you lucid or is it a nd? if you are lucid, try rubbing your hands or say something like “Increase lucidity” out loud.
If it is a nd then you might need to try what Krakatoa told you. If you can control it in any way, try just to not look straight into the sun (if it is bright) or if it is dark, try getting out a flashlight (or something else, you get the point)

I meant in lucid dreams. Just like for me, If I fly too high, I wake up. I figure I have to desensitise myself to it.

Yeah i think i’ll try gradually exposing myself to the light, its really a weird thing to happen, im sure its got nothing to do with the sun waking me up in real life, because i keep the curtains closed so it’s dark. I’m gonna try desensitizing myself, hopefully that takes care of the problem :cool:

i really gotta remember to say 'increase lucidity :tongue: ’ i always forget.

thats really wierd, just try to walk into the light slowly