Vivid vs. Hazy Dreams

I apologize if there’s a thread like this already, I tried searching but the results were too vague.

I was just curious: how many of you out there almost NEVER have vivid dreams, like me? Mine are always hazy and hard to remember. I also have poor dream recall, mainly because the moment I wake up I have to get ready for school and I have no time to write them down. I’m starting to take afternoon naps now, so hopefully that might change. Like this afternoon I slept about 4-5 hours and I’m guessing I got to the REM stage because I remember having dreams, although they’re very hazy. I haven’t written them down yet, but I still remember so it’s alright. :smile:

Also, is the benefit of having hazy dreams that you get no nightmares? Or do some people have both? Don’t nightmares go in the vivid category? I also posted in the topic ‘No Nightmares?’ that I have had no nightmares whatsoever. :content: I was wondering if the two were related or something.

Anyways, please excuse my ramblings. ^^ Maybe some vivid dreamers here can give us hazy dreamers some pointers on getting better quality dreams? Like I heard eating bananas, apples, and oatmeals will help increase vividness. Anything else non-food related that can help?

Most of my dreams are very hazy, even the lucid ones. I can remember exactly what happened, but the visuals are always difficult :huh: My lucid dreams tend to be dark, like a film with a night filter over it.

I have hazy nightmares too :scared: It’s the same thing, hazy visual, great memory of what happened.

Hmmm… I’m not sure which category my dreams fall into, as I think they all look the same. They might be vivid, if by that you mean visuals are clear and not too fuzzy…
But they’re hazy in the sense that sometimes parts are missing of the dreams and I’m not sure exactly whats going on…

For the most part they’re seem clear, so they might be vivid, unless vivid dreams REALLY stand out.
I might need to have an actual hazy/vivid dream in order to tell the difference between my usual dreams.

My dreams used to be hazy too, until I discovered it was more a matter of how I remembered them. By trying to get the details out, I discovered there were really a lot, and my dreams weren’t hazy at all, but very vivid. I don’t know if that’s your case, some people even dream in black and white :tongue: but I guess hazy dreams would be a much occasiona occurance than most think.
Besides, in a LD, if you find your visuals lacking, you can always say “increase vivdness!” or adjust the brightness like you would do with a TV :lol: There is a paragraph about it in the control guide I wrote.

Mine differents alot. Some are just as vivid or even more vivid then IRL, some are extremly hazy. Most are somewhere between. LD’s are usually more vivid then ND.

Wow, that’s pretty interesting. Puffycloud’s reply was really intriguing; so you’re saying you can remember everything that happened with clarity, despite your not being able to see well? I’m not even able to do that well :content:

Oh yeah, haven’t thought about that technique, tosxyChor! Most of my lucid dreams aren’t very vivid, so I could try that. I just need to get lucid in the first place and recall that intent :razz: Thanks

There are other factors for hazy dreams that also make me curious. Besides dream recall, what if… what if another factor would be glasses? I wear glasses all the time because I have extremely poor vision. I only take off my glasses when I go to sleep. So maybe the reason of the fuzzy quality I get in my dreams is because I think it’s normal? I mean, it’s hard to be logical in my dreams, so it’d be hard to remember that I’m supposed to wear glasses :happy: Can someone else give me their thoughts on this?

Hmmm, so you’re saying that, you think you have hazy dreams because your vision isn’t good?
That could make sense, but then again, if that affects it, and you were your glasses very often, I would think you would actually see clearly because you’re used to the vision through glasses?
While others who do not wear glasses as often might see hazier… I don’t know but thats what I think.

Bejezt: That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first thought of that. But at the same time, my mind wouldn’t think of the blurriness as unnatural either.

But I think I managed to fix the problem using tosxyChor’s suggestion last night, thanks! When I got out of bed in my dream, I noticed it was blurry despite the darkness, so I attempted to say “Lucidity x1000!” I couldn’t say it at first, but when I did, I immediately noticed the furniture shapes in my room getting crispy and more detailed. It was great! :happy:

If you are serious about dream recall and lucid dreaming, you must make a record of your dreams immediately after waking up because otherwise, you will forget them. Dreams disappear almost immediately and if you wait too long to record you, you will not for of life of you remember them.

Kandri: :yes: That’s basically it. The only problem I have is that I tend to have frequent memory lapses, but those are starting to get better.

Agreed. Just this morning I remembered a few dreams(at least three or four) , and decided not to write them down. :ohno: Now I can only remember one.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try to find a way to make time to write my dreams down. My short term memory is quite bad enough as it is :razz:

The key is really writing them down as soon as possible, the amount of detail lost by waiting can be frightening. So, and advice would be waking up a little earlier, and keeping a DJ by your bed, so you can start writing right away.

tosxyChor: I’ll try to do that, and see how I can get. Even if I barely remember a dream, should still I write it down? =/

Also, ever since the LD where I first said “Increase lucidity x1000”, the ones I had after that have changed for the better. Now whenever I do WILD and get a LD, it tends to be more vivid. :happy: I feel as if it was some kind of magic password or something lol xD

Most of my dreams are a little blurry in the edges.
The only time I actually made the dream more clear was in my latest lucid dream where I for the first time looked at my hands. Everything cleared up and became much more vivid!
I was so impressed. :happy:

@kandri - any little thing helps, plus I’m sure you’ll be able to remember more and more about the dream the more you write down, the details and scenes just continue popping up ^^

tosxyChor: You’re absolutely right. O_O I didn’t have an LD this morning, but I had a cool vivid dream instead. I wrote down a lot. Again I feel as if everything’s changed from when I first had that “magic password” LD. Now I’m feeling awesome sensations that i’ve never experienced before, such as sliding down stair railings and drinking iced lemon tea (unfortunately, I usually just walk around in my dreams :razz:)

Retro: I know, right? xD It feels really great to get rid of that cloudy haze.