Hello dreamers.I want to increase the vividness of ND s and LD s.How can I achieve that ? I’m open to any suggestions…

Keep a dream journal, if you don’t already. Also, when recording dreams try to put as much detail as possible and it will most likely help increase vividness. Another interesting thing you can check out is certain foods/drinks. Cheese is probably one of the most common used to increase vividness, but apple juice is also pretty common. You could also play around with other sorts of foods, and see what effect they have on your dreams. Your best bet though is to start recording dreams in good detail if you do not already, the foods/drinks are just kinda fun to see how they affect your dreams. Hope this helps.

It was helpful of course.Thanks a lot for your comment.
I kept a DJ moths ago but I kinda lost hope and I stopped it.But tonight I will keep a new journal.Until I see LD s regularly.But about DJ , should I just write or read every night or something ?

Yes it would be best to write your dreams down the moment you remember them. Reading your dreams before going to sleep is a good idea, it can help to get you in the “dreaming mood”.

You can try waking up a bit earlier than normal, then lie there thinking about the dream you just had. I sometimes don’t have the time to write my dreams down, but simply thinking about all the details helps.

I wish I could do that.But I have a job and I need to get up early sometimes.For example ; today I had a pre-lucid experience and saw I don’t know four or five dreams but because I didn’t write it now I forgot all of them…

If you don’t have the time to write your dreams down in the morning, choose a few key words for each dream and write those down instead. You may not be able to remember the dream with all its details later on when you write the whole dream, but the key words will trigger your DR.

And a thing about dream vividness in general. Paying attention to everything around you IRL will increase the vividness of your dreams too. For example, if you can’t experience taste in your dreams, pay attention to taste IRL and you’re very likely to experience taste in your dreams as well. :smile:

Wow I hear this for the first time.And I liked it.I want my vision to be clear like IRL.Like in Inception movie ; if you’ve watched you know what I mean.Their dreams wasn’t blurry it was vivid like IRL.I know it’s a long journey ahead of me to get there.But like your taste example what do you recommend for a clear vision ?

There are certain foods that could help with vividness, you just have to experiement around. Dairy products tend to work according to many people, but doesn’t mean it will for everyone. Spicy foods mostly work for me 8 ). Also vitamin b6 has been said to increase vividness. Your sleeping position could also affect your dream vividness.

Increasing vividness in a LD is pretty simple, there’s a ton of techniques for that. Feeling the textures in your dream, commanding your dream to increase in vividness, imagining you’re taking off blurry glasses…& so on.

Happy dreaming! :wiske:

Haha, like seeing everything in HD? :tongue: It might not be that much of a long journey until there, I’ve had LD’s which were extremely vivid and more than lifelike. Like StarryGwee said, once you have a LD, increasing vividness is very easy. Regarding your question: Pay attention to little details and the like. What will help you with this is if you pretend that WL is a dream, then everything around you is suddenly a lot more interesting and astonishing. Don’t forget to RC though. :wink: Maybe you want to look into LL, doing LL has shown great effects regarding dream vividness, at least for me.

Haha , that was good Leijona.Yes like in HD :smile:
I do RC s during the day.I’m doing the classic pinching nose and breathing thing.For example I saw my colleague in the mirror and she was behind me ( IRL ). And then I go to our office five seconds later and I saw her again.I think at first I thought I saw her and I didn’t.But nevertheless it got my attention.And I said to myself “Hey this is a interesting situation , I must do a RC” . I heard it’s working much better if you do it when you across something interesting IRL.
Because of work I can’t focus on things too much.But I’ll give it a try.I think I want what you’ve said “LL” . I just didn’t know before what it is mean.Yes I want to live a second life in my dreams.I want to improve myself in that life and then reflect that to real life.So because of it I want HD dreams :smile:

Well ,all I did in my LD till now ; was looking my hands.Because of it,this things you said seems to me kinda unreachable.But I hope I can do it one day when I become pretty experienced.Thank you StarryGwee :smile: