Voice Recorder

Hey I was considering getting a voice recorder to use to capture the memory of my dreams in the middle of the night before recording it on my dream diary the next morning. Does anyone else use one of these. It sounds like a great idea, since in the middle of the night my handwriting looks more similar to arabic than english. :tongue:

it is a really good idea to get one

im sure alot of people can manage without one but i have never been able to get up at nite and write about my dreams

I usually listen to my dreams in the morning and before i go to bed listen again and then write them in a diary just seems to help me remember

I would use a voice recorder if I could listen to my own voice. But since I don’t like how my voice sounds like when it’s recorded I write down my dreams. But I think it’s a great way to record your dreams during the night and it’s probably faster than writing them down. Then again I don’t know how well someone talks when they have just woken up, maybe it’s all in arabic again :wink:

I use one. I actually use an Archos Jukebox, which records in mp3 format and names these files as the date and time of the recording. Very useful for filing. It also makes a great reality test.

I use one one as well, and i got an adapter so i can plug it in the wall so it doesnt kill my bateries, another thing i did was i put the stephen laberge interview he did on the radio show, and i would listen to it as i went to bed. And when i try to write in my dream journal, i can’t make out my writting in the morning

if i got a recorder, my mom would come in the room in the middle of the night grab it from my hads and chuck it into a wall. (my room is right next to hers)

so i dont think that would really work for me.

LOL Jarod, relax, everyone hates their voice when they hear it recorded… :tongue:


I don’t think everyone hates their own recorded voice :tongue: Or maybe they do but then get used to it or something. And btw, those voice recorders are very expensive here, I think they are atleast 50 Euros :eek: and most are around 100 :sad:

hey guys! some of us know arabic (Ahmad remembers he failed arabic this year), i take that back.

I was actually going to use my mobile phone to record my dreams in the middle of the night but i can’t be bothered even doing that, the light on my phone becomes too bright even with illumination on 10%. But otherwise its a good idea.

Here’s a crazy idea. Tell someone else your dream when you wake up, f they’re willing. Probably o one would care, but they probably wouldn’t forget it, would they. Especially if you woke up in the morning and told your friend to remember, “octupus with large banana hat goes to cave, in the cat stomach!!!”

I dunno, it’s an idea. Or maybe, you could just say your dream out loud, I haven’t tried it, but it might work! Has anyone tried that? If you said it out loud you might remember it more easily. You might do that if you don’t feel like writing it down.

That idea was a complete FAILURE. There is something seriously wrong with that thing’s alarm function. I clearly set it to go off at 4:00 am and instead it goes off at 4:00 pm, freaking the hell out of everyone in my family. Here my Dad is, all alone, reading the newspaper then suddenly he hears coming from the kitchen the words, MATT, YOU ARE IN A DREAM. DO A REALITY CHECK NOW!!!

sorry I could not help my laughing at that lol. I dont think it was a complete Failure I would try it again but make sure the alarm is not being stupid. (AM/PM settings ?)

If you have a computer in your room I would suggest trying to use that. make a voice recording and put it on the computer (there are programs that play it at a certain time… I dont know any windows programs that do it.) then simply focus on the intent to remember when you hear that you will do a RC (example. “When I hear my recording I will preform a RC”)

I would use a hand recorder for a DJ . You can obviously talk faster then you can write. maybe talk faster then you can type :grin:

I use a hand mini-cassete recorder (you know the small rectangles that you can press record with your thumb)

and i have to say it is great. I can record my dreams just by mumbling into the mic, rather than having to wake up all the way and write

my dream journal is probably five times more active now that i can record it with this mic

only thing is i never thought it would be so hard to understand my own voice and figure out what i’m saying… lol

I think it’s not THAT impossible to “understand your voice” later. Voice recording of dreams could be the key to perfect dream recall. I own a mp3player where you can set a recording level …just turn it on and everytime you raise your voice to a certain level, it starts to record and saves it to mp3…

it can also help u with dream-reentry , if u wake from a dream…simply pressing your recorder and recapping the images from your dream replays them in your mind, if u maintain that “sleepy” state as you do this…it allows you to reenter your dreams quite easily…i have a recorder i use it from time to time when i desire to stay in bed to record more dreams…ill wake , still asleep record the dreams…then repeat this cycle for the rest of the night/morning…then when finally i awake i can write them down in my dream journal.

If understanding your “sleepy” voice may seem to be a problem simply record the key trigger points of the dream(s) usually when i do this it would replay an entire sequence of dream …this is using the power of association.

I hope you don’t snore.