Hi there everyone,

Just a quick question before going to bed. Last time i had a LD i noticed that the voices of other people were kinda distorted. I dont have this “problem” in ND not that i know off that is. In my LD the voice of a friend sounded as if my voice was coming through it, it was a mix of his voice and mine :neutral:

It could be just a one time thing, but i was curious to know if anyone else had this? And how do i stop it in the future?

Thanks, Marc

Thats weird, but yeah, I think its just a one time thing.
Try it again and see if it happens again.

It’s a bit weird but come on, it’s the DREAM world, what isnt weird? :tongue: Try once more and if the problem occurs again try adjusting the sound with a remote you pull out of your pocket or something (come on, use your imagination, it’s your dreamworld :grin: ) Good luck on your next LD :wink:

I dont really know about this area much, but if you keep having that voice distortion thing then maybe that could be your dream sign and you could use it to have more LDs, like i said im not any expert on this but i bet you could use this to your advantage! (im sure there are topics on this forum that could provide some insight!)
The Luciddator