Voices in or before SP.

Does anyone else get them? sometimes i hear voices of people i know calling my name but once i had a kind of conversation with them. The voices say the stupidest things so its hard to get a real conversation . Once people kept saying my name and half way through this robot voice said really loudly “SHUT THE F**K UP” lol.

Yup… i’ve had that before but only once! My dad called out my name. I could have sworn it was real so I turned around and wasn’t there… hallucinations are fun :smile: (sometimes).

I heard only sounds… no talks, voices… Maybe it’s good, I’m kinda afraid that I’ll end up having scary hallucinations and be unable to stop it. So far, no scary sounds/voices. This is making me help to make next steps in WILDing. So, according to your question, yes, voices they are pretty common in SP.

I once heard my mum saying my name… Most of the time it’s manical laughter or screaming that fades in and out.

my worst was, i was in SP and i saw a policeman standing at my door asking me to get up, it was very real and scray, i had a false memory that he was there to investigate a murder case.

You have an unstable mind. I think that it is because this screaming is your mind telling you something. Try listening in.

I’ve never heard voices, but I hear weird sounds and music.

Gosh… you saw a policeman? That is awesome!! I want a more vivid hallucation :’( they are fun!

The voices can be anything.
But usually they are just weird noises that are really distracting.
The most realistic thing was a talk between 2 medics that were discussing if i was dead or not.
That one really freaked me out :smile:
If you have supposedly 2 guys standing next to you and talking about if they should bag you or reanimate.

Really? You think…

Hmmm, not sure what that’s about!

isnt hearing voices a normal thing now

lol … nice sense of humour.

it’s not normal but it is when you do WILD.

About a week ago I tried to have an OBE and I heard men’s voices during the SP. Phonemes sounded like latin but I’m not sure. Their speech was very confident and monotonous like they preached or something. When I felt into vibrations voices disappeared.
I really wonder if my unconsciousness is able to generate this.

I only recently had by first lucid dream, and trying to WILD or whatever I was doing, I heard a car honking an orchestra song. It was cool.

I only heard ringing. :sad: And no HI either.