while i myself haven’t been able to experience this, i read about this guy who in his ld’s would create vortices. he said once in a ld he shut his eyes and saw strobo-scopic images and created a vortex and patterens became kalideoscope like and how he also looked at clouds far away from him in the dream and made the scenery of the clouds manifest around him and he became the singularity of another vortex he created. well, has anybody focused on doing this in a ld exclusively or have this as a assigned experiment?

I read once where someone’s vision was encompassed by a swirling “blackness” that swept him up and he ended up on the other side in a lucid dream but I’m not sure that’s what you meant.

In dreams i wanted to try to see if i could create a time machins and travel back in time. it allways fails i get to exited and wake up to bad.