W.I.L.D. shadowy figure

so i enter wilds all the time but i don’t induce them and every time something crazy happens crazy sounds and seeing things and being thrown accros the room hipnogogic hallucinations anyways i have noticed alot of people have had the same one as I. The shadow man. its a W.I.L.D. where you feel like ur floating and then u see a shadow figure your then filled with fear. i ingored the fear and preceded to ask if it could help me learn to fly i was able to float for a little bit but soon i was hit with the fear of the shadow figure again otheres have told of the same experience some were able to escape the fear completely and exit the room anyone else want to clearify why so many of us have the same lucid?
or discribe your experiences with the shadow man

I used to be bothered by this hallucination. The shadow figure was usually moving slowly against my bed, triggering all my alarm instincts while I usually couldn’t move, because of sleep paralysis in half sleep.

My brother is also a natural lucid dreamer, and got the same thing several times while falling asleep. This ended when he got lucid through this, and literally kicked the shadow person out of his room. I think he even threw a pillow after it. After this happened, and he told me the next morning, none of us have seen it anymore.

You say you WILD like this, maybe you could ban him from your room the next time you get lucid from this WILD?

i try to ignore him and leave the room myslef maybe ill try to ban him net time XD