I finally did it! I had a lucid dream! (Okay, I’ve had them before but they were short, looked like a nes game, and I had little to no control.) I woke up and decided try FILD (a type of WILD where you wag your fingers) I closed my nose and WHAT! I could still breathe! So I spent a little bit waiting for an image to appear…and nothing. I decided to just get up. I opened my eyes and things were wierd. I realized I was still dreaming! I was thinking that I was wilding and if I opened my eyes I would wake up. WRONG! so I stood up. I was dizzy and my eyes were messed up. I was standing in the middle of my bed, there was a pillar in the middle of it and I was dizzy. I screamed LUCIDITY! LUCIDITY TIMES 100! and after a few more minutes trying to get my eyesight to work I woke up. no fading. just bam awake. Still It will get better! Anyways my question, I guess, is there anyway to prevent this dizzyness from happening again? it was like my eyes were in the wrong places on my head, or i was looking through fractured glass. :eek: Also I’ve always heard that dreams fade away but it didn’t. It just went away without outside influence. How do I stop that without warning?

right on, better than my experiences

Congrats on the WILD/FILD. :smile:

I don’t know about the dizzyness, I’m thinking maybe it’s the spinning sensation some people get when they WILD. Maybe part of you could still feel it, and your dream was influenced by it. Or, maybe it’s just a “random dream thing”… weird things happen in dreams for no reason. :razz: See if it comes back again, there might not even be need for preventing it. It could have been a one time kind of thing.

And I think the reason to why it didn’t fade away slowly but just ended abruptly might be that you got too excited. Just remember to stay calm next time. :smile:

Yay! I did it again. I think I had a DILD. It’s a little fuzzy in my mind. I know what I did, but i’m not positive what order I did it in. I remembered 3 dreams. The first one I remember reading about DILD-ing causing health problems. (like cancer or something) and that text is what I think made me realize I needed to do a RC (Just the sheer wierdness of what the text said) Then i realized I was dreaming. And I could see normal. So i decided I wanted to leave the room so I decided to walk through a wall. There was a door, but at the time a wall seemed like a good idea. I walked straight into it. I went a little way through then it offered resistance and pushed me out. I did it again and made it through. I remember some of my dream being 3rd person and the rest in 1st person. When i begun to fly or walked through a wall it was 3rd person, and the rest 1st. anyways I came out in the middle of a street. behind me was a tennis court/pool (It was both at the same time) in front of me was just a gray street (The whole dream, excluding me, was all grey and dreary looking. And no DC’s Either) and that street went on forever as far as I could see. So I decided to fly. First time I jumped and fell back down. I tried like five more times and finally did it. it felt so real. I could feel the cool air on my skin it was amazing. I was flying both arms in front of me. I don’t remember landing, or where I did land or most of the visuals while flying though. But when I did land I decided to fly by flapping my hands. I did it on the first try. every time I flapped down i went up and it was so realistic feeling also.Then I decided to to fly superman style (one arm in front, other on ribs) and couldn’t do it. so I tried again. Then I just changed my mind mid-jump and decided to visit a girl I know and make the dream a little more…fun. I tried summoning her. No luck. So I walked through a nearby wall, and came out in front of my house. She lived about a 15 min. walk down the street. I started running. It was taking forever so I started flying. Then I remember my vision fading. I don’t know if this happended earlier in my dream and I staved it off by rubbing my hands, or it was at the end and I didn’t. or both. but I remember rubbing my hands. i then woke up briefly before falling back to sleep.

My next dream was in my school cafeteria. (Which is rare because I almost never dream about my personal life) and their I was with some kids I vaguely know from school (Not so wierd. I rarely ever have people I personally know in my dreams, excluding the girl mentioned above)and in the dream they seemd to be my friends. I was sitting opposite the side of the cafeteria I usually sit on. :dingding: There was some one talking up front. a teacher or something. Then I got up and noticed a dunkin donuts stand in the cafeteria. I was surprised, asked when that came here and everyone around me and looked at me like I was nuts. they said it was always there. :dingding: So i ordered a T-bone from the Dunkin Donuts stand (WTF?) :ding: And my friend got in line, smoking a ciggarette. he offered it to me and I took a puff :dingding: You see, I nearly choke when i smell cigarette smoke, so that is very wierd. I realized that, and still didn’t do an RC :wallhit: I clearly remember thinking to myself how strange this is. I now realize that in all my dreams I actually think to myself! Major break through! If I actually pay attention to my thinking in the dream I could have tons of LDs! anyways that is where I think that dream ended.

The next dream was a wierd scary movie style dream. I don’t remember a lot of specifics, but I watched the movie, then became part of the movie from the beginnig. There was a hoard of zombies, and then we were running around and it showed how some people (the bad guys or something) lost there treasure through amnesia through a very strange sequence where each lost there memory by getting bonked on the head. Also the main bad guys were musician (WTF?) the whole thing was very strange, and I realized that, but not as much as when I was in a familiar setting. So we slowly lost party members and i kept beating hords or zombies away with chairs, tables, whatever I could find. they didn’t bleed. then I sat on a swing with my best friend and I noticed he had a 5 gallon fish tank in his lap and it was full of shrimp (This is vaguely what happended in real life. i gave my friend all my shrimp from my fishtank because i plan on setting it up as a saltwater aquarium) So then I remember that the shrimp would crawl out a hole in the back and warned him about it (They wouldn’t in real life but i guess i remembered that part from a dream I had like a month ago)Then I continued on my quest defeating hords of zombies. I remember a lot of wierd and random things happening. then I was near the end of the movie, and I realized this is retarded. I think that i became a little lucid. I decided to turn around and start…fondling one of the last 3 survivors, a rather busty blond. she was still running as if she didn’t notice, so i followed her. I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that in the movie, so i guess she just followed what she had to do. then the dream ended a few minutes later. i think that was a wierd form of lucidity though. I knew what was going to happen happen (I was going to get trapped in a building by a horde of zombies and it was going to burn) So I decided to enjoy the last few minutes of my life. I didn’t know it was a dream, but it felt lucid, and I had control. it was very strange. I just decided to post this. If my lucid dreaming continues this may be my last post on this part of the forum. at least about myself. I’ll still give what little tidbits of info I have to the newbs (I’m a newb too, but not as much as newb as they are newbish…or something. i confused myself :confused:)

I do the dizzy thing too. Usually with WILD, I think it is the level of conciousness while you are asleep. Because DILD’s feel like a lower level of lucidity. I found it best just to tell yourself you are in control and ride out the dizzieness, after a couple seconds it usually stops.

Congrats on your much longer LD