Wait ... What?

i was re-reading some of the entries in my dream journal when i stumbled upon this doozy …

“Goofy realized that he only had to say his name, Sir Tramsalot, to get back to Earth from his planet in time for the Thanksgiving celebrations.”

this sentence was pretty alienated in context and it was the end of the entry. i have a vague idea of what happened, and even in my dream it was pretty solitary. but still reading that sentence in isolation is totally ridiculous.

so what are some totally random things you’ve read/written in dream journals? maybe something you forgot about that made you go “wait … what?”

P.S. i wasn’t sure if this belonged here or the Lucid Adventures subforum.

“…there was one room he [a DC] pointed out to me. He said that whoever walked into the room would be inspired. The room is also unique to whoever enters it. He explained this to me by showing me what the room looked like for him. In it, it reminded him of his hometown and his family was there.”

I thought that that was kind of a cool thing that happened in that dream. Sounds like a lucid quest or something.

I dont have anything that random…i just have certain things that are described too vaguely so that i cant remember what was actually going on in my dream

well, i haven’t written a DJ yes, but as my memory is pretty bad i might start one in this Forum and it’s gonna start with the only thing i remembered from tonight: "i played contrabass like i’d play my guitare, before i realised hwo it was played :smile:
guess thats pretty strange o.0

“The bowmen rushed to the lifeguard towers as the tsunami approached”

Strange to begin with, but also a bit ironic that lifeguard towers (meant for saving things) were occupied by men with bows (meant for killing things).

“and then show them we’re transmitting a beam to a radio station (It’s a physical beam-signal you can see the circles coming from the transmitter to the station lol) I get a view in the car, the man is like in his 50’s and he says “after that balloon!””

Just plain weird xD

that is beautiful. :tongue:

haha! Thanks, yours sounds extremely random :L was it really vivid? God if theres one thing I love it’s the memory of a vivid dream… it feels like it really happened :tongue: great topic xD

Once, in a dream of course, I turned off all the lights in my house and yelled, “Who’s got control over the cats now?” for no apparent reason.

it was! though in regards to what the sentence was referring to i just have a vague idea. there was a scene of a tram (like theme park / fair kind) traveling through space from the moon to Earth. and i do recall that Thanksgiving was a prominent idea in the dream towards the end, and there was something about random shots of Thanksgiving meals that changed according to what choices i made or something. it was strange.

earlier too in the dream a friend of mine wearing extremely girly overalls. :bored: it was a weird dream. i had to have eaten something strange that night!

Mew - that’s interesting. o__O was like a taunting kind of way? as if you had said “who’s got the guns NOW?” instead? or was it an actual inquiry into who had the cats?

“I don’t remember the first part of my dream but I know it had something to do with Darkwing Duck and a city made out of gold, so it was pretty awesome.”

This made me burst out into a giggly fit at the library. :tongue:

I found one, “Assembly line shower ?” haha :tongue:

A txt messae from a girl that said “I think banana”

glad i could disrupt the local library. :smile:

Dreamjutsu and Silph - those are both awesome! maybe the assembly line shower was like a car wash for people? and i think banana all the time.

@littlenemo your guess is as good as mine. :content: