Wake to lucid in 60 seconds I think

I think I have found away to slip into a lucid dream when still awake. Only did this last night so not really tested, but I went lucid more then seven times last night when awake. You need to be tired, and probably wont always work. Close your eyes and move your eyes from left to right keeping your head still, imagine your head it moving left to right with your eyes. When I done this after about 40 seconds I felt my head moving with my eyes(when it wasn’t) as I sliped into a Lucidity still half awake. I didn’t think of this when I did this but this is somewhat the same as what hypnosis does. I don’t believe in the self-help hypnosis, but I’m willing to believe that when hypnosis is done right you could be takin into Lucidity.

Yeah i think in one way or another you led your eyes to twitch at will through your self-hypnosis of left-to-right eye movements.

Hypnosis is something so common, i don’t know why there’s still ppl out there with their skeptiscism blocking their heads.

Maybe i’ll try your technique tonight, but maybe won’t work since everybody isn’t the same, so techniques will work differently.

Edit: Im confused; first you say that’s 60 secs. then 40?

Sometimes it took a little longer then other times. And I’m not sure about being tired, might have to be really relaxed or both. I can’t always tell the difference when things in my head are going in over-drive. I remember thinking about spinning and how it kept you in your dreams and started thinking why couldn’t it work both ways, at first I was trying to think of myself spinning but that didn’t work to well. So started moving my eyes left to right and trying to imagine my head doing the same. You will know if it will work for you because after doing this you will feel like your head is pulling to the left or right, right before you slip off.

Let me see if i got what you’re saying;
All i have to do is be tired and when sleeping
move my eyes from side to side and imagine my
head doing the same? is that right?
and then i’ll get to the drifting?

I wasn’t sleeping when I did this. I was tired and was able to relaxe pretty fast, this probably had more of an effect on it then anything else.
Also when I say imagine yourself doing this, I don’t mean watching yourself do it. I was trying to picture the sky or something(other then darkness) and watching the picture move when I did.

Im not sure if i did it well but it didn’t work.
How many times has this happened to you ‘reddog’?

It didn’t work the two times I tried it, but it did have interesting effects. While I was imagining the room I was looking around in, I thought about what my friends said earlier. Then, I actually heard some of the words. It was pretty cool.

its really similiar to HILD

I’ve thougth about trying the exact same thing :grin: But I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve used a similar tech when I did suneye, when going to sleep I kept looking up while falling asleep and I usually ended up getting a LD after 4-6 hours :cool:

But after a while it stopped working :cry: But I’ll try to move my eyes if I can remember it, the only problem is that my eyes usually start to water if I move them or look into some other direction when going to sleep.

I tried this, this morning but I only moved my eyes. I didn’t imagine my head movning, but I did get a LD :cool_laugh: And I think I got close to having another one too :cool: I’ll be doing this every morning from now on and I’ll probably get atleast 1 LD each night :roll:

sounds like a cool experiment for me to try. ive been running dry on LD’s for a LONG time, and could use another one. or one hundred.

if you see another post from me, then its prolly cuz it worked.

hmmm, i think i just made a big discovery for myself at least. Does anyone start to feel tired after reading? It must be that eye action. Anyone agree?

Isn’t reading for an hour before going to sleep part of a tech? I forget which one.
Certainly though I think reading before bed gets me ready for sleep, though I havent tried it while trying to LD.

I’m going to try this eye thing tonight I think.

The tech was Pedro’s VILD.

i like your idea, im going to try it tonight…and yes, reading makes me tired too, time for some lucids!

Just that one night, but like I said it worked many times. Not happy to say that I have been unable to get this to work again. Been having some problems in my life and haven’t had alot of time to give it atry, I have probably tried it about five times sense without any luck.

Good to hear that it does work for some of you. The effect did seem strange, so it’s no shock that one person was reporting hearing voices. I have had many LDs and that night was one of the strangest I had.