Wake up everytime i do.

This is kinda weird but everytime i do someone i wake up. Can someone help me? I think last night i didnt wake up but cant remember well.

Eh, are you talking about sex in ld?! Lol if so maybe your moving to much lol and just waking up because your doing it irl and the motion may be waking you up maybe? Im no expert but thats what id think. Or maybe im a complete moron.

its…er… probably the exitement… try to calm down a bit :grin:

Lol, ok i am talking about sex

You have to be a really good LD’er to do that. Sorry bub.

really: you need experience?
hmm lets think of something else to do then…

Don’t close your eyes.

And don’t get too excited. Just go with it.

No you dont bigmac my friend has only had like 1 ld and he hasnt woke up from doing it. ive had about 12 LD’s

I have had as much LDs as you can read from my signature, and i only remember one near successful intercourse in LD (at that too was low level LD - near to ND). Most of the times i get horny in LD, i wake up sooner, or later :shy:

I bet we should try apathetic, and emotionless “doing” so we wouldn’t wake up too soon :tongue: :tongue:

Lol cool. You have alot of LD’s. Got any tips on making own dream worlds or something to help me?

hmm this topic might help ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … dreamworld

Sapmangat gave good link for that. I haven’t made any yet, mostly because vast majority of my LD’s start in my childhood home, so it’s my pretty stabile dream world already :smile: