Waking early

Recently I realized, that the ND’s I have in the morning (like 7-8 am) are of a whole different kind compared to those nightly ones. More vivid, with real emotions, self-control and coherent storyline. It’s very apparent when I am writing them down - night dreams are usually just a few lines while with the morning ones I easily fill up a page. I also feel that in those dreams I am much closer to lucidity.

The problem is, that on normal working days I have to wake up before 6 am, so this most interesting part of my sleep is eliminated - and I guess my chance to get lucid as well. So the question is, does any of you LDers has to cope with getting up early in the morning? Do you still manage to LD?


It’s not the matter of time, but length of REM phase, which is longest in last hours of sleep. I would recommend going to sleep earlier, if you can cope with that.

As Xion said, it is length of sleep that gets you into longer REM sleep phases.
It also has to do with habit. Sleeping past the normal time that you get up incresses REM. Not having a regular bed time causes less REM sleep. That would indicate that the best thing to do is go to bed about eight hours befor you have to get up every day. Then on weekends when you could sleep longer, you may even get better dreams. :grin:
If you have to switch your sleep times regularly, then that can realy mess up your DR and REM sleep. :sad: I have had that problem for the last six months, having to get up early four days a week, having to stay up late three to four days a week. I have also had poor sleep quality because of that. :sad:
So go to bed earlyer if you can, and go to bed the same time every day if you can. Then onec in a while sleeping longer can give you better dreams, but the normal sleep cycles should give you good ones. :grin:

Right now I have a vacation and no school for 2 weeks. My dreams are longer and better in the morning around 8-9.

Just like me – only that I don’t have school vacation - just christmas vacation from work.


I have to wait 4 days more to get vacations X_X

~4 too much


Don is right; I couldnt explain it better