waking from a dream and falling back into it several times..

i have been wondering if this happens to anyone else.
i often have dreams that span an entire sleep cycle.
like a very long movie they go on forever and they have conclusions too, like an ending to a story.
the weird thing is, i wake up several times during the night at hour or two intervals
and i somehow effortlessly fall back into the same dream so it continues.
i can wake up and fall back asleep withen moments and continue the “movie” like i never paused it.
sometimes i even get up and go to the bathroom or get something to drink.
the dream doesnt escape me in that time its still vivid, probably because i’ve just woken from it.
though they are interesting i never have the
“please let me go back to that dream” feeling.
i couldnt begin to remember the dreams in detail the next morning
but i know that i wake up several times hours apart and the dreams’ continuity
stays on track and i dont even ask for it.
im not complaining i think its very cool but im curious if anyone else ever does this?[left][/left]

By reading mattiasdavis’s DJ, it’s very clear he does this too, and several times a night. I asked him about it, and apparently it’s called “chaining”.
I asked him to explain it to me, and apparently the trick is to just focus on the dream as you wake from it, but don’t move and focus on the last thing you remember before waking. Hold those thoughts in your mind as you drift off to sleep again, and you can find yourself right back in the dream.
I haven’t had luck with it tho.

i’ve never come across the term chaining before, it fits well.
i have read about people trying to fall back into a dream not being able to it must be frustrating for some to hear of others doing it without trying. lol.
anyone out there who doesnt particularly concentrate on the task and can be active for a few minutes and still chain a dream? i cant really find anything using search engines so i wanna hear from you.


But I can only do this if I don’t move AT ALL after awakening… it’s great for chaining LD’s.

If you can do it all night long that’s very cool! I guess you just fall asleep thinking about the dream and it eventually develops into a dream…

i always wake up very soon after i start a lucid dream. must be nice to be able to chain one…:sad: