Waking Life

Hi. I’m new to the forum but a long time dreamer. Recently I saw the movie waking Life and it gave me a name to the phenomenon I experienced while sleeping it’s the reason I found this forum. I think everyone, at least everyone here, should watch this movie, its well done, innovative, and a good visual representation of what I have experienced in dreams.

Hi and welcome, Archangel.

A significant number of us have indeed seen Waking Life, and it’s regarded by most of us to be one of, if not the greatest movie on the topic of lucid dreaming.

Some comments can be found here, in one of the previous discussions on the topic of the movie.

If you’re interested, the screenplay can be read here. It’s not the same without the fantastic and dreamy visuals, but it’s still a great read after you’ve seen the movie.

Feel free to share your own experiences or ideas with the other members here, and have fun. :smile:

i’m sorry i have to be all negative but i can’t contain myself…

why do people on here like that movie so much? i saw it after seeing people on this forum say how good it is and was horribly dissapointed. i mean i like philosophical debates and all but sitting through 90 minutes of them is… well… boring

i thought anybody whose first exposure to lucid dreaming was that movie would find the experience pretty tasteless. where’s the magic? where’s the excitement that usually wakes you up when you’re first starting out? where’s the flying? the walking through walls? the having sex with that hot DC that happened by? where’s the fun?

i for sure know that my DCs don’t drone on and on about the nature of existence, and haven’t seen many people on here post experiences that were like that.

maybe i’m missing something, but i felt that movie didn’t do LDing justice, or even attempt to do it justice, but if it brought you here, i guess it can’t be all bad :roll:

ok, sorry about that, i’m done. welcome to the forum. i’m usually much more cheerful, i promise :smile:

It is one of my favorite movies, but I don’t think it captures the essence of lucid dreaming. But it is not just about lucid dreaming. I wish they would make a big high budget movie about lucid dreaming using all kinds of trippy special effects they could put all kinds of action and adventure. It would also show the general public what lucid dreaming is about. this would be great because the average person doesn’t know what lucid dreaming really is.

The one thing that would concern me about abig budhet movie is that Lucid Dreaming would probably become a fad.

Who cares if it becomes a fad? Of those who actually achieve, I doubt they’d stop once it goes out of “style”, and that means more LDers out there. Which means more people to teach and to learn from, which enriches the entire community.

I think it would be great if LDing was in mainstream conciousness.

they already did, it’s called the matrix

i don’t think LDing could ever be a fad, most things that require discipline don’t catch on like wildfire

Matrix isn’t about lucid dreaming.

Yes I must admit I agree about the fads thing because most things that require effort and motivation don’t become fads. ALso the Matrix is sort of Lucid dreaming but not really

i disagree, it didn’t come right out and scream it of course, but i’d say it was about lucid dreaming, enlightenment, and the like

you’ve got all the normal people walking around plugged in and they think the world is real so they go along w/ the dream. then you’ve got these unplugged people running around with guns and running up walls and jumping really far. and why can they do this? because they know it’s just a dream world. sounds like lucidity to me.

the matrix is referred to as a dream world, morpheus is name of the greek god of dreams, and the whole alice in wonderland theme they had going on (wasn’t that story supposed to be a trippy dream? i can’t remember)

they didn’t come out and make it blatantly obvious by saying “hey you can do this in the comfort of your own bed” (maybe they should have), but i’d say they took a lil bit of eastern religion, lil bit of dream imagery, lots of special effects, mixed thoroughly and came out with a blockbuster movie

i saw waking life, and i enjoyed it. but its not for everyone.

The matrix reminds me a lot of lucid dreaming, although its more about the story or Jesus than anything else.

Thing is if they were ever going to make a big budget movie dedicated to recreating the lucid dream experience, it wouldn’t make sense because not many dreams really do and people wouldn’t understand it and follow it and it would be a flop.

It would be very hard to stay within those limits to make a good film.

Don’t know if you’ve seen this link before but I really think this page is worth a look. It could explain a lot.

If this link has been posted before, I am sorry for re-posting, but I searched and didn’t find it in any of the other Waking Life threads.