Waking Old Hag Experience!

This morning, in between two of my dreams, I saw an old woman sitting sadly on my chair dressed in a black robe.

So what, right? Just an old hag, right? Except that I didn’t feel fear or anything even remotely like it. And although she was only there for a blink of an instant, I turned over immediately afterwards. I never felt paralyzed.

What do you guys think this means?

Just a regular dream?, a FA?

An old hag is when you wake up, unable to move, and a dark figure approaches you.

That was probably just a dream.

It’s called hypnopompic images (if I spell it right). Dreamlike stuff you see shortly after waking up.

I agree with Xetrov. Hypnopompic imagery is pretty rare actually, at least it’s not as common as hypnagogic imagery. Usually the hypnopompic imagery gets entwined (or is simply not created in the first place) with the SP experience so it becomes impossible to pinpoint it.

I obviously knew that, or else I wouldn’t have mentioned NOT feeling paralyzed or fearful. What was odd was that it was the same dark figure that appeared to me when I HAD been paralyzed and fearful.

And no, it wasn’t a dream, because I never went back to sleep.

Please, if you don’t know the answer to a question, move on. Don’t reply using the same information in my question and then pretend that makes you more knowledgeable.

(No hard feelings, I’m not gonna argue with you over this. The last thing I want is a fight someone I don’t know.)

Thank YOU.