Waking up during night

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Hey eveyone , i wake up during night 4-5 times. But when i wake up , i dont remember any dream , so i dont wake up after dreams. Can i have LD with it ?

Sometimes I wake up a few times in the night naturally, and it’s a good thing. I don’t always remember dreams when I do but as my DR got better I’ve noticed it’s more likely that I do. Basically, it seems that you wake up after each REM cycle, which is to say after each dream, or section of dreams, has finished. This should give you a larger chance of recalling them. So as your DR improves you should find it incredibly helpful. It’s sorta like a natural WBTB.

I think it won’t happen much.
I did WBTB 4-5 days , then i didn’t do and this naturally wakings started to happen.
So i think it will end in few days.

It probably will end in a few days. It’s quite rare for me to naturally wake up in the night now but it still happens. When it does happen though you may recall some dreams and may not, my dream recall was pretty consistent either way. So I’m not sure whether your recall will be better or worse when you stop waking up, just have a consistent DJ and your recall will be good. But to answer your original question, you can have a LDs while waking up naturally in the night.

As you guess it didn’t happen this night.

What is your recall like when you wake in the mornings? It could be that you just need to work on your recall more. On a sidenote good LDs are easier to remember than normal dreams … BUT if recall is poor, it’s possible to have a LD and forget it!


(please don’t be angry with me, because I have different opinion :smile:).

I don’t think it’s possible to have LD and forget it, because the whole point of having LD is, that you are fully aware while dreaming. Hence, you should remember it.

But the good thing is, that with practise you get better. So, don’t give up :smile: Try some other technique - try moving your eyes from your left to your right - like in REM.

My recall is not good. Sometimes i dont remember my dreams for 3-4 days. I think there’s no way to improve it. I keep DJ.

Improving Dream Recall will help. There is also a big topic in the stuff forum.

Nikita, it has never happened to me. BUT I know of people who it has happened to. They are vaguely aware that they had a LD but can’t remember it or the details are very vague.

Yes :smile:

I guess it also depends on, how you define, what is LD and what is not, and how you define different stages of awareness during LD. But that is another topic :wink:

Fatih, I’m sure that your recall and awareness during dreams will improve. It just takes time, but there is no other way than up in improvement :wink: Especially with practices that everybody advised.

Practise is impossible about dreams i think , sometimes you go to bed and wake up with empty head , nothing happened. What can you do then ? Sometimes i can remember my dreams , sometimes…

Nothing is impossible :wink:

There are different techniques that you can practise before you go to sleep or after you wake up. They are written down in other posts. Honestly I don’t know much about them, because I don’t use them. I can only speak out of my own experience.
I became more aware with meditation. REM technique also increased LD.

There is nothing you can do, about those dreams, that you can’t remember. If you can’t remember, you just can’t remeber - it’s normal. You practise different techniques, so that you can remember your dreams next time :smile:

Okay then , i will remember my dream tonight!!! :smile:
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