Waking up in SP and achieving WILD - Can't fully fallasleep

So since Ive been working on LDing more Ive been waking up in SP only to achieve WILD. The problem has been that I can’t fully fall asleep again. The last X times I have tried I could still hear in real life. “BTW: WILDing is so very strange! “HH” and the feeling of being lifted out of my body by some large figure”

So what is happening is that I wake up in SP, I then know its time to perform a WILD, so I sit there and wait for the VERY strange body sensations and HH. I then start to feel like I am being lifted back and out into a black abyss as my whole body is tingling “feeling very good” then shortly after I feel my whole body submerge. At this point I have been able to choose what kind of dream environment I want to start in" but 9/10 times my real hearing comes back in as the dream is forming. So then I will be in a successful LD but I can’t hear anything in that LD because I can hear in real life. I then have tried everything to make the dream more real: rub my hands, pick something up and notice the texture and do a couple of RC’s but nothing seems to “shut my hearing off”, so I then go back to “step one” which is leave the dream and start back from SP and try to submerge more deeply.

Any advice on this???