Waking up in the night.

In the last couple of weeks, ive been waking up like almost every hour or 2 during the nights.

Is this normal?

I once used autosuggestion to wake up in the middle of the night and ended up waking up like every 1-2 hours every night for a month- Until I used autosuggestion to get back to normal again :wink:

I’d say you have a great opportunity to practice WILD.

Ok, except i suck at WILD,and waking up like 6 times a night is making me tired.

If it makes you tired as in sleepy tired, then maybe you should try FILD instead of WILD.

I meant it makes me tired during the day…In the night its hard to go back to sleep…

i have this same issue except i will sleep for an hour. wake for an hour. then sleep again. it’s odd.

When I started lucid dreaming the same thing was happening to me. First I used an alarm and then I just started waking up on my own. After about a month it started to wear off though.

That can be very usefull… I wanted to do it tonight to give chaining a try, But I Didn’t get to wake up… If so, try to remember not to move or think when you wake up.

Drinking warm milk maybe will help? Gross. But if it helps you go to sleep then go for it. But everyone is trying to say you might be able to benefit from it.

I wake up for 30 minutes then fall back asleep and keep doing this until I eventually get up. But this is in the morning after I’ve had plenty of sleep.