waking up when realizing..

Hey i got this problem, like 3 times a week during my dream i realize i am dreaming, an example :

Last night i was on this freaky ship and i fell through the window :eek: , but then i was like , wait a minute i am dreaming, at that point everything became white and shiny next thing i know i woke up with a voice in my ear saying ‘hello’ on a very freaky tone.
Bye bye LD :cry:

and this happened every time, different dreams though.

So what is going on? how can i prevent this?
i tried looking down and repeat to my self ‘‘stay lucid’’ and stuff…


Hey there,

Dont worry its quite common when you first start out.

There are a few things that you can do to stop your self from waking up. But the key part here is emotion control and practice.

Movement - try move around a lot, the more you move the more involved you are in the dream there fore less focused on your physcial body which means your consciousness stays within the dreams

Grab a hold of something hard! this is a trick i and many others have used, its a mind trick but it works. Just hold onto that dream.

Control your emotions and remain calm. This is the main reason why people wake up, too excited.

Use exercises while awake to imagine that you are in a lucid dream as clear as you can, now imagine that you are able to stay in that lucid dream for as long as you want. really feel this, it helps.

Spin fast, it changes the enviroment but creates the feeling of movement in the dream which keeps you in there.

Become engaged in the dream as much as you can. When i want to re ground my self i reach down and touch the ground and feel it, it really makes my dream stable.

Use voice comands like " increase stability now"

When you wake up frmo your white wash, just lie there and force your self back into the dream lucid, like awild this will help


Good luck, let me know how you are going in about a week, it gets eaiser btw so you dont even have to think about it

thanks dude :happy: , i will let you know!
Time to start my practice then.

Your welcome and good luck. PM me in a week