Waking up

I always wake up as soon as I realize im lucid. help

You’re just like me when I first started. Annoying, aint it?

Anyways, you can always try what I did to overcome it.

After you wake up, don’t move or open your eyes (though it’s still worth a try if you do automatically).
Right, now think about that dream and how you was just lucid in it. After a few seconds, you’ll see colours and stuff swirling. After a few more seconds, you’ll be in that dream again. Either starting off lucid, or becomeing lucid after a few more seconds.

Once you realise, look at your hands. Once you’re sure your not going to wake up, go and have fun :grin:.


I forgot to say this:
Even if that doesn’t work, take a few RC’s. There’s a chance that you had just experinced a FA… not all that likely, but it’s happened to many people before.