Waking up?

Has anyone experienced a lucid dream in which you can not awake from?

Also, is the time in dreams distorted? As in, does a dream last longer than reality? If so. . What if you were dreaming for an hour, what would that feel like in your dream - -6 hours? :eek:

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I’ve never had a lucid dream where I was unable to wake up. :tongue: Although I do remember having one LD where I was wondering when I’d wake, it felt like a pretty long dream.

Dream time and real time do not go in the same pace. I’ve heard many people that have dreamed in real time for about 4-5 hours, and in the dream it felt like an entire week. :tongue:

You bet it is. Just today had dream 1 hour long, from 5am to 6am and it was about 2 days in dream. :smile:

Before I developed a reliable method to wake myself up I used to occasionally feel “trapped” in a dream. It usually only lasted about 20 seconds before the panic woke me up, though.

Most of the time I find time in dreams to be 1:1 or close to. If I become lucid during the night i’ll have a few hours of lucidity unless i “extend” it, but if I become lucid on the floor in front of the heater while waiting for my lift in the mornings I only have a few minutes or seconds of it.


My experience with dreams is that there is no set relation though. In inception there seems to be a formula (cannot remember nor be bothered to google), I think that is ridiculous (but then again, most [?] on this forum know how Inception is not accurate). I can have a dream that IWL lasts a very short time, but in the dream hours, days, months, even years may pass… because I do not have to live every moment of it… it just has to feel like that much time passes/has passed.