waking your self up!!!

I have woken myself up from dreams if it was boring or if it was freaky. But is that the same as Lucid dreaming. I didn’t control the dream I controled when I wake up. Feed Back Please.

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No. You are only lucid if you know you are dreaming.

then is it called something when you wake your self up.

FLD Where you act like you are lucid even though you are not?
That would be my best guess

I’ve done that. It was when I was four and I was with scooby-Doo (Don’t ask, I was four) and he ditched me (That son of a Female dog!) And I heard something coming down a mountain to my back, I blinked and I was awake, and shaking. Maybe like that’s what you mean?

Well, if you woke yourself up, chances are you knew you were dreaming. I mean, IWL, we don’t usually go around trying to wake ourselves up either. I would say it’s a very low level LD, not FLD, as that’s something different entirely (ND where you fly around but don’t know it’s a dream).

Anyway, I used to try to open my real eyes when I tried to wake myself up. I’ve found out that closing them tight and opening them works well, too.

I had a dream that at it’s end I woken myself up too, even I had no idea I’m dreaming :shy:
I just knew I gotta wake up or else I would be late for school.
Don’t search for logic in the dreams when you’re waking yourself up. Obvious dream signs seems to be normal while you’re dreaming. I asked that question too in another forum, lol… :biggrin:

I believe it’s called waking yourself up :tongue:

It’s not necessary to recognise you are dreaming to wake yourself, during my teens I had a few dreams where I thought things like “I really hate this I want it to end” or “I’ve had enough, this is boring” and on saying that I woke up, but I had no idea it was a dream.

Subconsciously we know we are dreaming even if the conscious mind is unaware of it, so being able to wake yourself up even if you didn’t know it was a dream isn’t that farfetched.

That said, it really depends on what you thought before you woke up. If you thought “I want to wake up” then you must have known you were dreaming.

Try spitting in a dream and realising that you are also spitting in bed. Man I woke up like that too many times one summer. It was weird.

Hello avatar.alex

Sounds like either:

You were lucid suddenly at the end of your dream and decided you wanted to wake up. If, when you awoke, you wished you had stayed in the dream - then it was a very low level of lucidity


It was a FLD - You were never aware of it being a dream but woke yourself up like Mohegan did

I have to disagree with mine being FLD.

At no point did I act like I was lucid. It was a full blown regular ND at all times. It was a school dream if I remember correctly, nothing I could think of would class it as a false lucid, nor did I intentionally wake myself up. It was just a thought the dream me had and for whatever reason that woke me up.

It’s like in a real LD when you close your eyes and open them but open your real eyes instead, accidentally waking yourself.

I think you have to have some understanding of being in a dream in order to be able to wake yourself up. Or put in another way: Why would you consider waking yourself up as a solution to a freaky/boring situation if you have no idea that you might be dreaming? :eh:
In fact, that is usually what I did before I heard about lucid dreaming - I woke myself up whenever I realized I was dreaming. :tongue:

Well what i think it is, is what I do, usualy when a dream becomes a nightmare I always realize it’s a dream right at the end, and think “Thank GOD, I’m not going to die!” and wake myself up, lateley though, my skill at waking myself up has gotten worse, it’s not that I can’t but when I try while having a nightmare everything starts to vibrate, I can no longer move, I start to shift between reality and the dream world, but while this is happening the nightmares intensify like 10,000 times worse and they appear in the real world as well untill it’s finally over, I used to wake myself up without incedent, but now this crap always happens.

I would say it was just waking yourself up. I’ve done it quite a bit of times before. I’ve said to myself “I will wake up when my dreams end” as I fall asleep so I can remember my dreams with excellent detail.

When you have a lucid dream you will 100% without any doubt know it’s a lucid dream. It’s just so different from anything you would have ever experienced. I don’t expect you to know exactly what I mean now, but when you have a LD, it will all make sense.

Actually, the more i read that it does sound like an ND.

I’m confusing myself with subconscious and conscious intention. :bored:

To be a type of lucidity (LD, FLD etc.) does the intention have to be a conscious one?