Want to help writing tutorials & FAQ's?

sorry, Danielsn13, I can’t let you in :no:

I appreciate you want to help, but being a scribe is not just “wanting to help out”, since everyone here is helping out others :smile:

Put me in, i already have a couple of ideas to develop (plus some adjustments to the older guides) ^^ with the help of other scribes, of course :content:

May I please join this grand group? I’ve been poking around for a while trying to find a way to help this forum out. Anyway, please consider this, I would love to contribute to the site that gave me the magic bullet!

Hey Magic Qwan, just wanting to help out is not enough, every LD4all member here is already helping out other members :smile: :smile: So if you want to help out, you don’t need to be a scribe to do so :smile:

I see… Well (I’m posting from my 2nd period middle school class, by the way) I love writing, and, I believe that If I could help write post, it would help myself, as well as others. Best of both worlds… wait, that’s cliched … :smile: Better than PasQual’s cookies!

[A small TUT- My method , or a tip on LD (MIWILD))

does this qualify for the knowledge based forum?
and about scribes? i like all of the above and give tips - and made my own tutorial

but dont really have time time to be digging up old articles and reading.
Making compilations of articles and tips to make tutorials concise.

When i do have time ill subs scribe :razz:
Unless there is no requirement for as much work needed to be done. :razz:

Hope my little project of tutorial gets stickied : )

May I join the scribes? I love digging through old posts in order to find great LDing techniques that were forgotten years ago. For instance, I found a working WILD technique known as the “Dot technique” that was mentioned in a post dating from 2005. I also like writing about new techniques and my LDing experiences, and I have ideas for new tutorials on the Knowledge Base. For instance, I’m thinking of tutorials for WILD techniques other than the one already on the Knowledge Base, since certain WILD techniques would work better than others for some people. I’m also thinking about a guide for advanced dream control. Also, I like the idea of having a scribe icon under my avatar. :tongue:

Welcome to the scribes, Vampirism45 :content:
Looking forward to those WILD techs :grin:

here is your key -> clicky

Hahahhaha :rofl: classy!
You made me remember when I saw that Scribes corner subforum for the first time, it was an amazing feeling :content:

I stole that from Bruno :tongue:

Hi there :content: I would like to be a scribe for multiple reasons, mostly because I love to write. I noticed that there wasn’t much on relaxation in the knowledge base. Relaxation is the key to LD-ing for me (and I’m sure for many other people). I also have an idea for an article about a combination of MILD and WILD that I use. I love looking at old posts and learning new techniques.

welcome aboard, Puffycloud! :smile:

here is your key -> clicky

Hey all, I would like to volunteer to become a scribe because I believe I could contribute several things. First off, after several epiphanies and much study, I have become very interested in the SC. After looking through the forum and scanning the knowledge base, I was surprised to see we don’t have anything really definitive on it. That’s a shame due to the important role of our SC in our lives. There are various posts throughout the forum, and I would be more than happy to bring all of that knowledge together.

Beyond that I am relatively proficient at extending/stabalizing dreams, goal keeping, archiving and proofreading. You may not be able to tell from some of my posts, but I am a brilliant copy editor :content: . Like said, I simply want to volunteer my time. You won’t hurt my feelings in any way if you feel the Scribes aren’t for me.

Thanks for the consideration!

Welcome, Rhewin! :smile:


corny, but still works :grin:

I would really like to join as a scribe because I love writing, helping out, and meeting new people. I would also like to let the world know about Lucid Dreaming, how great it is, and how to achieve it. I would really like to help beginners to understand how to LD, and different techniques. I have also developed many Mantras and phrases that really work for me, in quite short period of time.

I love writing :write:
But more than that I love reading :read:
Heck I’ve even been swimming around the Archives :nuu:

I do have ideas for projects, and I do think I’d be able to contribute to others :smile: And that’s all… I’m afraid if I keep writing it’ll get too cheesy :slide:


Id like to become a scribe because I’m good at writing and I love it :smile: , I’m good at working with others, I’ve got an idea for a tutorial about memory storage and retrieval in the brain and I like writing (Ooppps, already said that :razz: )

Rich :smile:


whoops, sorry, have been very busy. I’ll get back to you guys!

Ok thanks :smile: