Want to make the world better?

Thank you for lending me your ear…

I don´t know how I came up with this, and it is by no means my idea from the start…surely someone must have tought of it before…anyway…
what I´m asking of you is this;

Go out and do a good deed for two people (or more!), and then you ask them to do the same thing…that is, ask them to go out and do two good deeds for two persons, and tell them to ask those persons to do the same thing…

You get the picture :slight_smile:

Anyway, I would DEEPLY appreciate if anyone did this…cuz’ you know…
All it takes to change the world, is one person to take the first step…and everyone can help in some way…

So, thank you for listening! And bless you all! :content:

very good idea nightwish if each person told two people each day, 8796093022208 people would be involved in 41 days (if they all took part)
thats: eight billion, seven hundred and ninety six thousand and nintey three million, twenty two thousand two hundred and eight thats more than the earths population (which is about seven billion) oh my :help: :eek: :huh: :woah: :panic: :crazy: :shrug: :uh: :ack: :confused: :crazy: :panic:

But you know that pyramid schemes are illegal :wink:

…this idea is indeed very old…but very good. Did anyone see the hollywood movie containing this idea?

yah, with the little kid that gets killed at the ending? :eh:
He told his class to do the same thing that nightwish was talking about, and Kevin Spacey is the teacher. Im not sure if thats the same movie you were talking about, but it has the same idea :content:

Is making love to someone considered as “good thing”?:)If yes,im in:)
Can do more than two deeds:) :wink:

Ahh But would it be nice to then tell them to do the same thing themselves? It could cancel your good deeds! :uh:

this is a good idea, but I find that it’s harder to do ‘good deeds’ if you HAVE to do them. I’m sure I do at least 2 a day, but I don’t think to tell the person to do anything for someone else. I’ll try it though :shy: it’s a cool idea

What makes you think that good deeds make the world better?

The problem with good deeds is that what you think may be helping is actually harming. The classic example is helping the neo-butterfly out of its cocoon, causing it to never have developed the strength necessary to survive in the real world. Doing a deed may be good for you, but for the recipients it may be bad… horrible… ghastly… traumatic… the stuff of nightmares…

You see, it’s all about perspective. :wink:

I dont think i like "it may be bad… horrible… ghastly… traumatic… the stuff of nightmares… " in connection with my quote:)

Moogle-of course i tell them!:slight_smile:

Oh, I wasn’t implying anything… That was simply “coincidence.” :wink:

ooooh…that would mean you would end up with a lot of competition! :cool_laugh:
If you do a “good deed” for 2 females a day, then they do the same…unless you expect the good deed to be returned to you? :eek:

To me if possibile:)Thats what they want to do anyways:)
seriously…i dont mind if they do it to whoever they like.Love is freedom.You just give it when you use it properly.
Rest is egoism