Wanting it to be real so not becoming lucid

Often dreams of being back at college makes me realize it isn’t real and it is a dream. And then 2 things either happen: 1, I explore and DCs start to terrorize me/limit me, or 2, im so excited so I wake up from the dream. Occasionally I am succesful an have meaningful LDs.

Other times its like I want it to be real that I am back at school so bad that I don’t realize it is a dream. Like 5 nights ago I had 2 lucid dreams that I barely remember but remember it was fun and that there was a brown staircase. Then 2 nights ago I was back at Pitt even though I hadnt paid my debt, I asked how I sign up for classes after being in a class and saying I would pay them what I owe. For a brief moment i wondered if it was a dream and I tried to fly to test it, then decided it was real (subconsciously because I wanted it to be?) and went into the office and talked about how I can register for classes. Sad. Because it was an opportunity for a lucid dream and i totally missed it.

What advice could you give me about this? Before I go to sleep I do a meditation: I have time to sleep and dream, it is a valuable thing, when I dream it is a dream/ et cetera.

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School dreams are often a great dream sign to recognize that you are dreaming to become lucid (If school was in the past obviously). So that’s good that you are able to become lucid in those moments. I would look out for the common themes of your dreams through dream recall and your dream journal to recognize patterns and similarities to become aware and eventually lucid in those moments. Your Dream Journal has been very interesting thus far, it would be nice to see new entries :slight_smile:

That can be attributed to multiple reasons, fear, nervousness, the energy you are bringing into the dream after becoming lucid. The way to get passed that is different for everyone, but once lucid, if you are confident in your abilities, or having a knowing that they won’t be able to hurt you helps. Having confidence and bringing positive energy into the dream also helps. Another way you’ve probably heard of is showing the DC kindness and compassion, that can also have a positive effect.

That does happen often with others so don’t be discouraged by it, I think over time, the more experience you get with Lucid Dreaming and the more it happens, you’ll have a built in awareness and that will happen less often, if at all afterwards.

One problem might be is that you don’t have any dream goals to try and achieve once lucid so the dream starts to fade away or lose clarity and eventually end. You might have to have some things in mind (that you want to do/achieve) beforehand so that way, the loss of focus immediately after becoming lucid does not happen, and you can continue the dream.

Of course, there is basically an endless amount of things you can do. You can do the popular things such as flying, or running fast, telekinesis etc, but you can also have more complicated tasks such as creating a story in the waking world, and try to bring it into the dream, also summoning people as well. Traveling to completely different places also, through a portal, door, spinning etc. So you can see there are so many possibilities you can imagine and think about before going to sleep to try and do in the dream.

Personally, my methods of lucidity are slightly different.
Commonly, in my dreams I have a state of knowing built in and most of the time don’t go through that moment of “I’m lucid, this is a dream”. I go with the flow of the dream, and continue the story that is unfolding already because most of the time the stories can be absolutely magical, special and one of a kind.

With that being said, a lot of the times I will still recognize in the back of my head that I have my abilities that I can do also (The best way I can describe it, is that I’m fully invested in what’s happening to me at that moment of the dream/story, and not thinking about the waking world) so I can keep the knowledge of my powers in the dream, without the outside world interfering and causing a disruption in the dream itself (if that makes sense, probably not).

Sometimes if you do have dream goals that you want to achieve, you will have to touch on the waking memory so you can go about doing it, so that’s slightly different.

Sorry for the long reply, I just have so much desire and admiration for dreaming and want to discuss it.
Nobody that is around me -friends/family- are interested or do not understand, so I don’t have anyone to talk about it with. If you have any topics or discussions I’ll happily join in the conversation :slight_smile:

As for any tips in the waking state, the most important would be dream recall, and to write down your dreams in a journal (Which it looks like you do) and discovering dream signs. Meditation is also helpful, and RC is good too. An overall love for dreams and dreaming goes a long way as well.

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That was a beautiful post. Everyone who gets into lucid dreaming should read it and take it to heart because it contains a lot of knowledge and wisdom about LDing condensed into a few paragraphs, @Low_Stratify#

It’s interesting that excitement wakes you up. From your previous posts on the forum I had gathered that you have had a lot of lucid dreams already. Like Low_Stratify points out, later in one’s “career” excitement becomes less of a dream-killer. I have also made the experience a lot back in the days that lucidity will make way to waking up quickly because I am so excited. Now this doesn’t happen at all anymore to me. I didn’t even know that this had changed until I read the discussion above.

What is different for me now is that lucid dreams feel more natural than when I just started out. The first lucid dreams were exciting of course, but at the same time you can say that it was a sensation that was so unreal and unusual that it probably jolted my brain out of the dream. Now I have a better feeling for what it means to be lucid. I won’t call it second nature, as it often still gives me a huge kick, But it feels more normal to my brain now than it used to.

Anyway, I would actually say that you can also enjoy the youthful excitement just as well :wink: If you get so jaded that lucid dreaming doesn’t excite you anymore, that would be much worse in my opinion ^^

You’re not alone on ld4all, I can tell you that much =D Feel free to start topics or continue previous ones. And I would also love to dive into your nighttime adventures if you can spare the time to open a dream journal.

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I have also had many dreams about things that are just too good to be true, where I desperately want it to be. With time, I have learned to think of this as a win-win situation. Either the good news is true, or I get the second prize: a lucid dream.