:help: Was I almost there?

Hello everyone, Im sorry if this is not posted in the proper section of the forum, but I have to ensure that I was almost there (have a LD) by telling you of some dream I had tonight:

Well, it all starts out like this, I, IRL, work on a cibercafe at night, so when I get home I immediately go to sleep, sometimes I like to read methods of LD and stuff before I go to sleep, since a month I’ve been trying to have lucid dreams to add some more fantasy to my life, so I started out by writting my dreams on a DJ, majority of my dreams are cibercafe scenarios and stuff, and I dont really like that, but oh well… I tried different methods of LD, none of them worked of course because I was too excited, but yesterday I went to sleep normally (semi gave up on LD itself) and got to that point when your mind starts mumbling random things while totally relaxed, then I got to a cibercafe scenario where people where kind of douchebags (I didn’t see any difference, working in an IRL cibercafe lol) then I saw something was off in this “semi dream”, there was a place on my back that was not there IRL, so, in some moment I became conscious of the situation and said “Im dreaming” as fast as I could (I was kind of amazed, my native language is spanish, not english), kind of approaching the moment before i go into a normal sleep. Then everything goes black, and it feels like Im starting to spin in my bed, in that moment I remembered that I read in this forum that when that time comes, I have to make myself sink (when the moment came, I thought “sinking” myself didn’t work) and then, I could see a “kind” of tiny portal in the top right corner of my sight, I looked at it with my eyes closed, inside the portal there was, what it looked like, some part of a house (it was a red wall with a window)
This is what it looked like:

and then my heart went out of control and I wanted to stop it by focusing on the portal, but also my dog that was in the bed at the same time, left the bed an I could feel the noise and its movements, so I woke up. :sad:

Tell me what you think, was I almost there? Is there something better than the “sinking” I did? Must I ignore that portal until 3D scenery comes? Is it OK to try and have lucid dreams at day time? I get home at like 7-8 AM. Also, any tip from an experienced lucid dreamer will be tremendous help.

Thanks in advance, and Im really excited :content:

I’m not really an experienced lucid dreamer, but I know of the spinning feeling you’re talking about, I’ve had it myself attempting WILD plenty of times but I never seem to be able to transition from that spinning feeling into a lucid dream. I’m able to see approaching light sometimes, today my phosphenes even began forming shapes. At this point I usually have with my breathing or focus too hard and snap back into awareness :sad: I think you’re definitely getting there, especially with seeing the beginnings of the dreamscape :smile:

One of the most appreciated advice in my opinion that I stumble upon is when you start to feel falling, spinning or rolling over sensation you should just stay calm and let yourself to sink into sensation even more.

Usually what I do is I let myself fall asleep in the peek of the sensation, it like helping sensations to be transform into a dream. That’s my way of getting more relaxed and getting deeper into sensation. After that I have a blackout of a second and next thing I know is that I’m in a dream and I’m most of the times lucid, if not then I make RC and that’s it.

Thanks for the comments and tips guys, the moment I felt the spinning/rolling sensation I didn’t feel excited at all, in fact I was quite curious, It kind of felt like floating at a time, so I thought “I have to sink myself here”, then when the sensation got away I realized I was in my original position and that portal came up, then the crazy heart thing and my dog…Im happy im getting there at least, there are so much things I want to try in a lucid dream… again, thanks for your help.
Also, I did check the time before and after sleeping, it took like 20 minutes to get there, is that a good thing?

Don’t worry about time. Don’t keep a track of time it will distract you and there is no point in that. I never keep a track of time… 20 minutes seems pretty fast so I guess it’s good but that time can change very easily accordingly to your wakefulness or excitement!