Was I close to it?

I was trying to WILD earlier today, and all of a sudden the colors were gtting more complex… I was still counting, and then all of a sudden my eyes were moving in a circle uncontrolably… when the reached the bottom of my eyes, all of a sudden my eyes closed even more than they already were. (even though they were already closed) Also, efore I expierienced that, i felt a slight tingling in my hands and feet, along with vibrating in my stomach (As if a phone on vibrate was going off in my stomach.) and a little pressure on my chest. I still could move, and I wasn’t hearing any strange sounds. Was I close to an LD?

Yeah, it sounds like you were! Congratulations, keep trying! It sounds like you were going into SP! :grin::up:

Awesome! I’ll try again, then!

I tried again and it happened again.
It’s like watching a movie, except it’s just a bunch of moving colors. It was awesome! Rings were forming in the middle of the “screen” and then flew in random directions like meteors! Sometimes a “meteor” would fly from the top left side of the screen to the right! It was awesome… except for the part where my mom made me get up :crying: :wallhit: