Was I close to WILD? (hi)

The other day I tried WILD and I think I was pretty close. I started counting, and then I got a little deeper and I looked around and started running and I could actually feel it. I wasn’t quite there yet, but I got a little deeper and started to see a picture form in front of me. I thought to myslef “this must be the start of the dream” so I tried to go in. It felt slowly putting my face in water as I did this, but I could stil breath. Then I felt a really big vibration and I woke up. So, How close was I? and What can I do next time to avoid this? Thanks :smile:

you were VERY close to a LD and the vibrations usually happen because your astral body is floating out of your physical one.Others might disagree with me here and say its just a sensation of WILD.

Yeah, it sounds like you were very close. You should get it with a few more tries. The way I get through vibrations is just to concentrate until they pass. Some people have also reported the feeling of being “sucked” into the dream after the vibrations. It’s different for everyone.

Keep it up and good luck!

Yeah you were close!! :cool_laugh: I wish you goodluck. Happy New Year!