was i close?

i tried to do the WBTB but it didnt work, but i think i was close to an OBE witch is what i wanted to do, i was very still with my eyes closed and i tired not to think about obes i would think about something eles and i did, then i would forget about it, and the i had moments where i forget i even had my eyes closed and then i started to get numb it was weird too, i cant explain it and even with my eyes close it felt blurry. I did this 2 more times and on the third, it was weird becuase some how i thought of me slipping and i opend my eyes becuase my foot came up and hit my bed so i did it acouple of times, and then when i did it i herd this noice, like when your boling water when your making coffie but it sound like it was form out side but it got higher, but like e very time i did that, the feeling would go away after like acouple of seconds, do you know what was going on? if you can help i would really aprecite it, thanks.

Not really sure on this one, TBS. You were probably close to something, but I don’t know much about OBE’s.

its all right, thanks for trying tho

can any one eles tell me?

i really need help, so can anyone please tell me

You had a trance experience TBS, you were conscious in a transition from waking to sleeping. When you wild you can also go through such experiences. Depends on what form of wild you choose.

you were experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations, in a way you were close.

Depending on your state of mind it could be very easy to just settle down and listen and relax and enter paralysis, which is necessary for OBE.

It can alos be next to impossible to do if you are “tired” or UNFOCUSED

but in the early morning it is very easy with the right stroke of luck, so I’d say, yes you were close, try it again.

If you try to do it at night, it can be a lot harder, that’s the way it is for me.

Yes, I have the same experiences, when I try to leave my body. I hear all sorts of noises, from train whistle, some sort of loud screaming, schratching, waterfalls… Sometimes it’s was so scary, that I just escaped back into my body, my heart was beating wild… But when you practise alot, you overcome it and you dont fear anymore. The point is realy just to relax, when those things happen, and sooner or later it stops and you’re out of your body :cool_laugh: .

Just keep on trying, good luck. :tryfly: