was i heading in the right direction for lucidity?

hello, I tried getting into a lucid dream last night using the WILD technique, and i think i might have got somewhere. well i stayed still, and all my limbs felt numb and i couldn’t feel them anymore. also at some points i felt like i was floating, but i didn’t see any Hallucinations or hear anything odd, so in the end i just moved into a comfy position (and i felt very weak) and went to sleep normally.

was i heading into the right direction for a WILD?

Yep. You were not in SP state. Hallucinations like old hag are not happening everytime. You could try to “roll out” your dream body out of real one. If eveything would go right way, you’d end up in dream bedroom.

edit: sorry for misunderstading you. People under me are right, you were not in SP. My bad.

yay! :happy: ill try again tonight!

This is just me talking, but I don’t think that sounds like SP.
The numbness comes pretty fast with relaxation, the floating sensation comes later but not necessarily in SP. In fact if you could move you were not paralysed. You could have gone in and out though. And I could be wrong. Your post just didn’t give me the impression of it. More like some HH.

I agree with Krakatoa. But you are going in the right direction. Keep practising :thumbs:

darn, so i wasn’t in SP. ah well, at least i was heading in the right direction! also, how long would it take to get into a dream if you try to WILD as soon as you go to bed

Hours. So you really need to wake up sometime during the night to get it properly.

Or minutes if you fall asleep fast, and can keep your mind awake while you are doing that. :smile:
That is what is so much fun with WILD, it can take minutes, or hours.

well i tried again last night but i didn’t really get anywhere, just feeling like my body was numb and occasionally i felt like i was tumbling. But what really confused me was at some point in the night my whole body suddenly jolted, can anyone explain this?

also, when should i try “rolling” out of my body? is it in SP state?

There is a difference between SP and being very relaxed. Which could almost seem like SP. SP is where you cannot move, after WILD is where you are so realxed you don’t WANT to move. But if you thought you were in SP, it is probably just that you were very relaxed. SP isn’t “fun” to most people, its actually rather scary. While being very relaxed is more comfortable, at least untill the vibrations, but they are not that big of deal. But what you felt, is when you start rolling.

i’m confused, what are you talking about??

I was talking about your frist post sorry.

oh right.

can anyone explain the random jolt i had in the night?

It’s called a myoclonic jerk. In some cases, it may happen when you’re not very well relaxed, in some others, it happens when you’re just falling asleep and your brain switch off the sensory inputs, so that you feel like you’re falling and this produces a jolt as a reaction.

im think it was because i wasn’t relaxed enough, ill keep trying :wink:

Hypnic jerk is the more specific term, if I’m not mistaken.