Was I LD or was it even a dream?

I accidentally clicked a link so I have to write my post all over again :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Sadly i won’t be giving enough details anymore but anyway…

So I tried WBTB last night (I gave up on doing a WILD or MILD) So I had this dream but I wasn’t sure it was a dream or something else…
(I’m skipping alot of details i’m too lazy to rewrite :confused: )
The DC seemed to talk well but didn’t hear any other noise but their voices ( I think )
I tried pushing through (Like in a WILD) so I finally heard noises (clapping) then I saw a giant colorful flower in front of me (Like if you were a hippy taking Magic Mushrooms)
But I felt like i was going to awake, and I ended up back to where I was :bored:

The dream was like:
•Felt like I could awake any time
•Had weak signal
•Was in black and white :eek:

Oh and I forgot to do anything but play with the DC
So was I LD???

This is already my 7th day of trying to LD which makes me pissed of since I told my friend on the 3rd day and he got it right away (he has a lot already) :sad:

Wait… How could you see a giant colorful flower in front of you if the dream is in black and white?

Are you sure you have not experienced this while you were attempting WILD?

If you’re sure that wasn’t a WILD induced (a bit longer) HI and if you’re sure you actually realized you are dreaming, than that was a LD, but with low lucidity level.

And don’t get pissed off, get inspired. If he can do it, so can you. And its only your first week. Just keep trying and believe in yourself. In this case its not “Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst”, its “Expect the best, don’t think of the worst”

No it wasn’t in black and white, in the mid of the dream I attempted to push through in doing a WILD (i forgot to mention)
Ok, I will, thanks :content:

My first lucid dreams where very similar and achieved in a similar way. For me, my first lucid dream was the hardest to induce. After several unstable lucid dreams I find that things become much easier. I think you are well on your way to more powerful LD’s! Congratulations!