Was I lucid at all?

I had this dream about a week or so ago that’s mostly pretty fuzzy now. I can’t even remember how it started, but I became lucid when I was in someone’s living room that I had never seen before. Out of nowhere, I was like “holy crap, this a dream. I’m dreaming right now.” Right after that, my fingertips began to morph and stretch out in one direction, and I felt like the dream was going to end any second so I spun around to keep myself lucid. I don’t remember much after that, but I do remember sitting in a cross-legged position and suddenly travelling through dimensions of time and space. It was like I didn’t have a body, I was just a sphere of energy shooting around uncontrollably. I also tried to find my spirit animal/guide, but for some reason all I found was a tiny red spider. Was I half-lucid, or lucid at all?

When you suddenly change scene an unexperienced dreamer will lose his lucidity. So you were lucid when you were in the room but after you spun around i think you lose your lucidity.

You were lucid. If you realise you are dreaming, it is a lucid dream. Remember the level of lucidity can fluctuate in the LD, it’s even possible for it to fade into a normal dream again.

Spinning is a tricky thing… For me it just doesn’t work. Next time you can try to stabilize the dream by grabbing an object or just looking around and trying to notice the detail of your surroundings.
By the way, you were surely lucid :smile: