Was I lucid?

Last night I may or may not have had my first lucid dream. The thing is, it didn’t exactly seem like what I’ve heard lucid dreams were like. I remember being aware that I was dreaming, and then sort of running around, not really doing anything in particular. It didn’t really seem different than any other dream, aside from being consious. It was like I just “went with the flow” and didn’t change anything or do anything interesting.

Was I lucid, or did I just have a dream where I thought I was?

Sounds like a very low level LD to me.

Every dream, in which you knew that you were lucid, is a lucid dream. The levels of controlling of them are different. You can be lucid but you can’t also be able to control anything in the dream. In my dreams, I always achieve what I want. But certainly, it was a lucid dream. Keep practicing.


It gets easier after the first time, right? I’ve been trying on-and-off for almost a year now.

My first LD was similar to yours. I just ran around and didnt do much. The levels of lucidity increase as you go along.