Was I lucid ?

Ok, last night, I was in a normal dream, I don’t remember this dream, so I’ve just put a note in my DJ, and I heard some sound (in the real world), and that didn’t wake me up, but I asked my self : “Am I dreaming?” I looked at my hands, but a few seconds after that, it’s like my brain told me something else ( :confused: ), and I just looked elsewhere and continued dreaming, without lucidness.
What happened ? Why couldn’t I control my self, even when I look to my hands, or is there a better reality test to make?
Sorry I don’t use abbreviations, I’m not sure about their writing right now.

Whenever you discover that you are in a dream, no matter how long you know it or how much control you have over what goes on, it’s an LD.

You lost lucidity quickly because you are inexperienced with LDs. However, since you asked, I prefer the clock RC. Most RCs, such as hand RCs, rely on expecting it to work. Looking at a book or a clock twice usually works, even if you’re not expecting it to. Also, I happen to have a watch. I’m not very sure, though, since I haven’t had many LDs.