Was It My Dreaming Brain?

I had an experience that I do not believe was a dream but may be related to dreaming. This experience has only happened to me once and I hope that by posting it here, maybe someone else has had this experience and/or could tell me why this experience occurred.
I do not recall exactly when it occurred, but it was at least 10 years ago. I awakened one morning and I know I had been dreaming because I could recall the last few seconds of the dream after I awoke. I remember opening my eyes and seeing the dim light of early morning. I checked the time and noted I did not need to get up for work for a few more hours so I decided to go back to sleep. This is when the experience happened: As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw, what can best be described as a silent film being projected against my eyelids. I opened my eyes immediately and the images disappeared. I closed my eyes again and there it was. The film I was seeing had no sound, but there was some color to it, but it was greatly washed out. What I saw was from my point of view. It appeared that I was sitting at the top of a grassy hill and sitting just in front of me but on a lower plane were a group of persons. Beyond the people, I could see in the distance below the hill, a flat countryside with trees and houses. As I observed the people below me, I noticed they were laughing, talking to each other and turning back to look at me. It was like I was watching this silent home movie. I continued to watch for a few seconds and then I would open my eyes and again the movie would disappear. I purposefully tried to visualize the film with my eyes open but I could not. Each time I closed my eyes the film would appear but it gradually faded away. I am estimating that the experience last 30-45 seconds from the first time I closed my eyes after waking. I should also add that the silent film I experienced was not the same as the dream I had had just prior to waking. Has anyone else experienced something like this or knows what this is? Thanks.

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it might be some type of dream that you’ve been having that might have seemed realistic.As far as I can tell,I’ve never experienced this before.

Thanks for the info.

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If it is anything like the experiences of DEILD then its that. If you want to check, try it. It requires a calm discipline for it to work comfortably.