Was Jesus a Lucid Dreamer?

Let me preface this by stating that I am a Christian and I believe Jesus Christ to be God the Father made flesh.


We know Jesus slept. And due to the human mind’s built-in processes, he had to also experience REM sleep for part of each sleep period.

I find the idea of Jesus’s dreams to be quite intriguing. God became flesh and experienced the entire range of human experience, and I believe that includes dreams.

However, that doesn’t mean that he experienced them in the same way as most of us dream (most of us not on this forum anyway :tongue: ).

Dreams have obvious importance throughout scripture, so it is curious that nothing is really revealed to us about the content of Jesus’s dreams, or the way in which he dreamed.

Obviously, with the gospel being delivered as 2nd hand accounts, and although believed to be the word of God, the authors didn’t have access to that part of Jesus’s human experience unless he explicitly told them about it. And from the snapshots of his life that did get recorded, there is not much to go on.

So I am wondering if Jesus used his REM periods of sleep to directly commune with the Father. Certainly, in prayer, he had this ability, but it was more meditative, while still being aware of his surroundings. But in his dreams, he no longer had to bother with the external distractions of sensory inupt. Instead, he had open to him the full virtual senses that the brain creates as part of the virtual environment of our dreamworld.

This, to me, creates an incredible potential.

I believe Jesus would have had the self-awareness to become fully conscious in his dreams about his purpose and his true reality, and not bumble along as part of some convoluted plot as most of us do each night when we dream. I believe He was still in control. And along with that control came the ability to choose what happened in his dreamworld.

What are the implications of these kinds of thoughts for other lucid dreamers who believe in Jesus?

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no offense, but as a fellow Christian this is like asking, “Did Jesus enjoy gardening?” it’s really meaningless in the long run.

so to answer your question, there are none.

Did he commune with himself? He might very well have. Though as Littlenemo said, it’s a pretty meaningless question to be asking.

Now how should we know if Jesus had LD’s or not ? He was a human, and still not an ordinary human. So he must have had dreams. Or perhaps during the sleeping process something else occured for him. We don’t know and it is allmost impossible to find out. The Bible says a lot about dreaming, that’s true. But I think I read in the ld4all guide that untill 1970’ or so, people didn’t belive that you can controll your dreams. Or maybe some people knew but didn’t want to tell ?

My conclusion is: How in the world could we know if Jesus had LD’s or not ?? :bored:

It is very much impossible to find out :wink:

Wow…I kind of hoped for a discussion given the open minds I’ve encountered on these forums before, but apparently the only replies are negative and aim to kill the topic rather than offer anything else.

Yes, there is no way to know for sure. And sure, it doesn’t matter in the slightest if Jesus had lucid dreams or not. I just figured if he had dreams, they were probably lucid given the control over waking reality that he displayed.

I thought this idea may have been work tossing back and forth, since He was the only human that displayed dream-like control over real reality.
But I digress…

Hey, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I’m not trying to “kill” the topic, just that there is no clue about Hi’s dreams… It very interesting to know if “God” has LD’s or not. But still, it’s not something for us to find out. I think this is getting too deep into spirituality… The human brain is amazing, indeed. But still there are some things that it can’t and simply CAN’T understand, and we need to understand that :wink:

Though I did indeed try to “kill” the topic. There is no meaning in discussing a topic like this. You can go “Since Jesus could control things when awake, he must have been able to do so in his dreams as well”, and I’ll go “Ok.” - OR I go “I think he had normal dreams like any other person”, and then you’ll try to convince me what you think is true (It’s what Christians do best) with “What I’m saying makes more sense”, and then I’ll go “Ok.” - End of discussion. There are no arguments one could possibly make, and therefor no discussion is possible.

This has nothing to do with open minds :smile: The rest of us has simply seen enough threads to know which ones wont lead anywhere.
I like the observation though - It’s indeed a fun thought to play with.

That’s a bit more of what I was expecting. And you are right. There isn’t any space to have a good old-fashioned debate about this topic. But that doesn’t mean it still couldn’t be explored or hypothosized about. It doesn’t have to go anywhere. I just had a random thought and wanted to share it. I certainly am not trying to convince anyone of anything, nor make you believe any way in particular. I only stated my beliefs to give a reference point to my thoughts on the topic. It seemed more relevant if you knew up front I believe Jesus is also God.

I see plenty of ridiculous topics on any number of way-far out there subjects, but I wouldn’t consider any of them meaningless. Not just because it was significant enough to somebody to think about and then post about, but because the very act of reflection gives a topic at least a hint of meaning to that individual.

Thanks for the responses anyway, even if it was to this dead-end topic :tongue:

I’ve been thinking way too much about this, and here’s the way I see it. Dreaming, he would have no contact with the world. I can’t think of anything he could do from a dream consistent with his powers as shown in the Gospels. There would also be far more temptations in a dream. With no social constraints, it would be very easy to give into fantasies of lust or aggression. And since he said that lusting after a woman is as bad as committing adultery…

So I just see it as significant risk for unsubstantial gain. He probably wouldn’t have taken advantage of this, though he easily could have.

“With no social constraints, it would be very easy to give into fantasies of lust or aggression”

That is one of the main things I have been struggling with regarding this issue! Jesus lived his waking life without sin, but does that also include his dream life? Or for that matter, are we capable of sin while we are dreaming? I know I have done plenty of sinful things while having normal dreams, but I didn’t control myself in those situations and was basically along for the ride. Would that still be considered sin?

But in fully lucid dreams where I chose to live out a fantasy…? I can imagine Jesus resisting this temptation, but it isn’t easy for the rest of us.

It’s getting slightly interesting :content: . I think, that in an LD, you are capable to sin. And you are capable to sin even worse than IRL. Why do I think this ? Because IRL things happen and you mostly can’t do anything about it. In a LD you are the one “who makes rules”, and you can have some “Rules” very sinfull. But what you do isn’t real, so I’m not sure about it anyways, I didn’t experience this in a LD yet… But if you do bad things in a ND it’s deffinetly not a sin, because you can’t do anything about it.
When I’m in a LD, I feel like “Be very carefull what you do !”. I established some goals for myself in case I have an LD. The very first goal is to… meet someone I allways wanted to meet. I also wish to be in a small but luxury town and have adventures there… that’s not a sin. I suggest to everyone to arange some goals in case they have an LD to be sure what they want to do…

Sorry for the long post :shy:

This is not always true. In one ND I had, I had perfect control of my logical faculties and chose to murder two girls anyway. One could certainly argue that my actions were justified, but it is a sin nevertheless. Even if you do think killing would be okay in that situation, the point is that my reasoning was unimpaired and that I could certainly do something about it, so sinning is certainly possible even if it wasn’t the case in that particular situation.

I think he was a clever guy that was high as a kite.

I don’t believe that Jesus was a Lucid Dreamer, because if he had Lucid Dreams, he would no doubt communicate with God. (Jesus himself is not God, but the son of God) If he actually did this, he would have told other people about those dreams, since back then, a lot of importance was placed on dreams, especially those sent by the “Most High”. If you look through the Old Testament, you will find that all the Lucid Dreams the prophets had were written there, since they no doubt told everyone around them about those dreams.

Jesus is actually god according to the bible, or, well, the incarnation of God.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarnatio … tianity%29

The importance of dreams is an interesting thing. I heard graham hancock or one of the mckenna-brothers talk about a tribe in an interview which every day got together and everyone told the dreams they had had(if any). Then they interpreted the meaning of the dreams and planned what to do in the future :smile:

I don’t think the interview’s on youtube anymore as Theduderinok’s channel got banned.

btw, OP:


Your post doesn’t make sense: If anything, you’re limiting the powers of a -in the bible- presumed omnipotent entity saying he is dependent on dreams. By then saying it, to you, “creates incredible potential”, are you suggesting anyone could become god, including yourself?

I’m not a christian.

I think it’s a fascinating question. For Jesus’ sacrifice to be valid, he had to be perfect, untainted by sin. So he had a PERFECT brain to dream with.

What sort of dreams does a perfect brain have?

I like this field of contemplation.

I find that when i read about “visions” and “dreams” in the bible, that they strike me as Lucid dreams. because it always seems that they are very aware in them. what do you think?

I don’t doubt people have physicaly seen parts of God. but it seems sometimes like when God spoke to certain people that he showed himself to them in dreams. it’s kinda facinating

If he was the boss’s son, why would he need to sleep or go to the bathroom or anything like that?

The way I understand it is he would have had to be flesh and blood human in order to give his life to replace the perfect life that was lost through Adam.

It was Adam who sold mankind into sin and death so it would be Jesus who would cover the loss of a perfect life with the sacrifice of a perfect life.

That’s why you don’t see the animal sacrifices in church as outlined in the Mosaic Law. They are no longer necessary. The Mosaic Law’s animal sacrifices provided temporary forgiveness of Adamic sin. An animal’s life cannot completely cover the loss of a perfect life. Jesus’ death filled the legal requirement and made complete acquittal of sin possible.

If Jesus just faked his death, remaining a powerful spirit being, the legal requirement would not have been met and God could then be accused of not holding to his own standards of justice.