Was that WILD?


So i’m not sure what happened last night:

I went to bed as usual and did some self hypnonis (it has helped me with ld’s a lot. I’m a beginner but if you have some questions about that, i could try to help you)
I told myself that i will wake up after my dreams in order to try to ld afterwards and may be write then in my dj ND if its a good one.

Then during one of the times i woke up, i thought about Wild (wich i’m trying to do for some time now) i was still feeling kind of into sleep. Then i started to feel vibrations and knew this could be wild.
i tried To imagine a place but i couldn’t focus enough.
May be i paid too much attention to the vibrations so it stopped.
so i tried it again and got the vibs again. I got really stron at one point then it stopped leaving me with a feeling. I read a lot about wild and this felt like i made it through the transition.
At this point i felt floating in direction of my feet.
I thought That i was dreaming so i wanted to do a nose RC but i didn’t want to move to keep my state. So i tryed to rc by biting my tongue thinking that my teeth might touch each other through my tongue. It didn’t work and i just gave up or fell asleep. I can’t believe i missed this chance.

Ps: i didn’t do WBTB whe it happened.

So here are my questions :
1)was this WILD?
2)if it was, what should i do next time.
3 How do i reach this state next time ( i usually fall asleep when i try to WILD)

Are vibrations the beginning of a WILD experience? Perhaps. Vibrations are usually associated with, and thought to be a precursor of, OBEs. I usually don’t get vibrations before a WILD, but I do get them before an OBE.

To clarify, what happens (for me) when I have a WILD experience is that from a deep heavy state of relaxation, where I might feel tingly, I see a mental image picture behind my closed eyelids and then I enter that picture. Or, alternatively, I begin to see geometric patterns and then a full dream environment materializes and I’m inside of it.

When I feel whole-body vibrations–which are usually accompanied by loud rushing noises–I feel a double of myself seemingly rising out of my body. If that happens, I do some technique to push out of my body. Then I explore an environment very like, or somewhat like, my bedroom, house and neighborhood. Sometimes, by passing through a window, or flying up into the sky, I transfer into a more exotic dream-like locale.

The accepted wisdom among OBErs is that you should wait out the vibrations and then attempt an exit technique.

I’ve heard that you don’t really need vibrations to get to the WILD point, and my experiences bear this out. I usually don’t have vibrations with WILD–just the tingling associated with light or full SP.

If what you want is a WILD experience, then next time relax your mind, let it wander a little, whlie waiting for some imagery to appear. Then, once it appears, don’t stare at it directly. Simply notice that it’s there and let it grow. Probably you’ll naturally find yourself either in a dream scene or else you’ll be able to watch a scene unfold in your mind’s eye.

If you usually fall asleep when you try WILD, then get some more sleep before your attempt. Personally, I need at least five hours of sleep to focus well. Six or seven is better, but then I also have problems falling asleep again.

So if i get it right, i got an OBE like?

Yes, it sounds like you were pre-OBE.

That’s what I had today in the morning, I didn’t really know what happened because I attempted WILD after a WBTB (first time trying WBTB after waking for over 30 minutes).

I felt that I was getting there then I think I fell asleep - somehow after falling asleep I regained consciousness and continued the WILD. A couple minutes later, I got really intense strong vibrations, infact it vibrated so much that my feet started to hurt :confused:
I felt like The Hulk :happy:
To be honest I have no clue what happened after that but I remember that i opened my eyes for a couple seconds and I closed them again and I still got some vibrations after a couple minutes of having my eyes closed. (After reading this thread I think that I might have had an OBE starting up and I didn’t realise)

Well I am not dissapointed because I had my first LD after all of that, but it was not from the WILD. In the dream I realised that I was dreaming so I done a RC:) It lasted around 3-5 minutes i think