Was that you in that zombie invasion?

When I was lucid dreaming one time. I was flying around enjoying my lucid dream. When I was flying around. I noticed a pack of zombies around this mall. It looked like a nightmare. When I got closer I noticed there was 5 people surrounded by zombies in the mall. I thought they probably don’t know they are in a dream. Because they were struggling and they barely had any weapons. So I flew down there to help them out and whenever I talked to them. I explained to them its just a dream and we can do anything. At first they didn’t believe me. While we were killing zombies. I gave myself a big machine gun and killed some zombies. They asked how did I do that? I told them we can do anything in a dream. Then they gave theirselfs flame throwers and machine guns. They said wow its really a dream. We continue to have fun killing zombies in fun ways. Then we started fading away and I faded away and I woke up. That was a while ago. Was that real people in that dream?

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Welcome to LD4all, @DreamWalker93

I dreamt of zombie apocalypses quite often, but I think I never had a flame thrower, so it wasn’t me I’d say :mrgreen: Actually I also think those were just DCs, dream characters manifested by your mind, not real people. But it certainly can feel that way sometimes. Especially with your dorky friends who are just as dorky in your dreams :lol:

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Interesting. Maybe its dream characters manifested by my mind mixed with real people. Because I heard of stories of real people having the same dream

This concept is called shared dreaming and I also heard many stories about it. But I don’t find them very credible. I personally encounter many people in my dreams and used to encounter a lot of other dreamers, too. I usually tell people when I dream about them, yet I could never confirm a shared dream with anyone myself.

In general I assume that DCs are fictional characters conjured up by my mind and often based off of real people. They can be good pals, ardent lovers or long gone family members.

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Interesting stuff

i have had one or two odd experiences with possible shared dreams. These people were sharing vivid details with me they couldn’t possibly know about unless they were actually there. That being said, i’ve become a bit more of a skeptic over the years and i’ll admit its possible that shared dreaming, well, isn’t possible. but i dunno! maybe it can happen and i was right all along lol.

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Welcome to LD4All, DreamWalker! That sounds like you had a pretty darn awesome dream! Sadly, I can’t say much in regards to shared dreams, since all my attempts in the past had failed. From my experience, I’d say those were probably just dream characters. Dream Characters can be incredibly realistic, converse just like normal people, and exhibit actions and feelings just like real people. It can be easy to think that they are real because of that. :bounce:


Now that brings up an interesting question in my mind WritersCube- i’m on the autism spectrum, and in my dreams its not abnormal for the characters to behave in erratic or random ways, say sentences that feel highly symbolized or make no sense, display unexpected emotions, or straight-up lack faces {if they do have faces and i look, i risk overloading my brain and waking up.} Like…is this the same way for other people with autism? im guessing probably yes, but i am highly curious now…