Was this a lucid dream?

I don’t remember much at all. But this is what I remember. It was only about 5 - 10 seconds long. This was on the night I found out about LDing. I had my brain set on having an LD that night (two days ago).

I am standing up then I realise I’m dreaming (not sure how. I think my brain just knew somehow because I had told it I’m going to go to sleep and you better have an LD). Then I got really excited and having not heard about how you shouldnt get excited the dream started to fade. I tried to summon a human and it worked but the dream was so fuzzy I could barely see him. The dream faded then I woke up.

Was it a lucid dream? It was very fuzzy and on a scale of 1-10 the vividness would be a 2.

Yes it was, congrats! Next time just take a deep breath and maybe say something that will help you stay lucid. Normally what I do to relax once I realize I’m lucid I look to the sky and jump to fly. Then while flying by myself I scream something like “maximum lucidity” or “Lights up”, anything that will help me see clearly, then I head down back to earth.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the help. :cool: