Was this a WILD?

Now, I’ve had a large amount of lucid dreams, but none that were WILD, because I’m bad at WILD since it takes me an hour to fall asleep.

Anyways, what happened was I saw a picture of my family with an unfamiliar girl in it. I reached out to touch the girl and I was instantly in the most vivid LD of my life and it continued on from there.

Was this a successful WILD attempt or something else? If it was, is this how I should handle all my WILD attempts(touching a picture) because it seemed to turn out quite well.


Yes, it was WILD, congrats :smile:

I guess you were lying on your bad and then HI formed, including your family, right?
Yes, reaching with your arm (not your physical arm, since it would break the WILD attempt, but you would maybe already be in SP, so it might not be possible) is a way to enter WILD.

WILD is the most problematic technique here, so it was quite an achievement :smile:

Unless you are subject to sleep paralysis episodes when falling asleep, it’s quite useless to try and WILD when going to sleep. It’s just a question of sleep cycles and stages of sleep. The best you can do this way is getting insomnia.

I don’t say it’s completely impossible to do it (as a proof, you did it). But when LD’ers will have read LaBerge and understood that trying to WILD when going asleep is losing their time, cause almost all the WILD’s are got after micro-awekenings in the morning, or during morning or afternoon naps, it will be a huge progress. :content:

So, even if you got a WILD, you should better trying WILD’ing after about 5 hours of sleep, when there is only stage 2 and REM sleep. The way you got this WILD is rather classical, entering a LD in this way often happens when you practice dream chaining. Congrats on your first WILD. :good:

O wow, thanks Basilus. I didn’t know WILD was so unlikely when you are falling asleep. I’ll be sure to take that advice and hopefully it’ll improve my WILD skills, because that one WILD blew away almost every other LD in terms of initial vividness.