Was this an LD? (was: ???question???)

I used WILD last night 4 the first time and I did have a LD. I think…
Is it possible that I just had a normal dream, but I was dreaming that I’m having a LD?
At the moment I started dreaming, I knew I was dreaming.
first, I asked myself if I’m dreaming, and than I had an idea to try and read my dream diary, which was impossible. I was also able to control the weather (It was my firs LD, so I didn’t do much). But I’m still afraids that it wasn’t really a “real” LD.

If you knew you were dreaming, it was a LD.

As for the worryting about ti not being LD - I think that happens with most people the morning after there first LD. I know I did, and I posted a topic just lke this :razz:.

(Oh and congrats forn yer first (or is it?) LD!)

Yes I’d say you were lucid. It may seem pretty confusing, but as Sentient said, as long as you realize you’re dreaming, it’s a LD. Congrats! :smile:

We now have a BIG “Was this a LD?” Topic where you can post all your questions about the nature of your dreams. You can find it here: https://community.ld4all.com/t/the-big-was-this-a-ld-topic/11083


ROFL!! Sorry about that :wink: I always mix you two up for some reason. Don’t ask me why :tongue:

Heh, don’t worry about it :razz:. I have a habbit of mixing two different people up too :wink:.