Was this HI?

Okay, here is what happened. in class, i was pretty tired, and remembered reading about some kid duing WILD during class. So my blinks were slow, and then i saw twin color tunnels. my question: was this HI? I’d like to know. thx.


Nice details Daniel. :razz:

What do you mean by ‘blinks?’ Actual physical blinks or something while snoozing in class? The tunnels thing sounds like HI forming a dream, but I dunno if you were into it enough to have that. Most likely HI, but I’m still interested in hearing about the blinking. :wink:

The blinks are actual, physical blinks. did i mention i saw pancakes?

Oh you were falling asleep alright. Was your class boring or something? :tongue:

No, actually my math class is the most exciting of them all. Not because of the subject, but because of the teachers discussions.

I see. You must’ve been tired to fall alseep that fast.

I fell asleep in church once… and as I was falling I saw some bats fly straight at me and startled me and I screamed out loud and jumped in the air!! Everybody looked at me kinda funny!

Thats HI!!